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Samsung S5830 Galaxy Ace (Rainbow Screen Guard)

Samsung S5830 Galaxy Ace (Rainbow Screen Guard)

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Product Description

Mobiles phones might have become our daily drivers more than any other device, but due to the recent boom of mobile phones with large touch screens have made out mobile more fragile than ever. And since our mobiles can do a lot of work, protecting them has become one of the most important practices. The weakest part of the phones now is the screen. Being large in size, the screens are more susceptible to damage and wear and tear. Screen guards help protect the screen and keep the most visible part of the mobile phone safe. They protect the screen from dust and scratches that might gather on it without knowing. What we have is a product that keeps the screen of your Galaxy Ace in perfect condition so that you can work on your phone without the worry of damaging it.

About the Product

The Galaxy Ace screen guard protects your phone screen at every step you use the phone. With a durable build and scratch resistant material, the screen guard is the ultimate product to protect your phone. The S5830 Screen Guard is a unique screen guard in the sense that it is among the few screen guards that have a scratch resistant coating. This is to ensure that even when the scratch guard is placed, it does not gather scratches. The screen guard is also anti-microbial so that germs and microbes do not gather on the surface. The adhesive used on the screen guard is of high quality that does not damage the phone screen once placed. The screen guard also perfectly fits on the screen to ensure that the entire screen is protected. Being very thin, the screen guard does not affect the touch screen sensitivity and the screen remains as responsive as ever. The screen guard also offers glare protection to ensure that the harmful rays coming out of the device screen are minimized and there is less effect on the eyes of the user. Also, since this is an original product, you get the best quality product available. The Rainbow Screen Guard is the perfect screen guard to own if you are looking for a complete package to protect your Galaxy Ace screen.

About the Manufacturer

Samsung is a South Korean multinational organisation that has a number of businesses ranging from PC manufacturing to mobile devices. Samsung has been a major player in the IT and mobile sector. Their products cater to the masses while still retaining high performance and quality. Samsung operates worldwide over and is a renowned brand with many accolades to their name.

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Product Details
Manufacturer Samsung
Brand Samsung
Item Package Quantity 1

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  1.  WOW 21 September, 2012 On
    need to know specifications and what all it has also what all can be done with this mobile and need guidance as to how to do those those applications also if i can download songs in it and from where
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