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Samsung Split AC 1T 2 Star AR12FC2UAUQ

Samsung Split AC 1T 2 Star AR12FC2UAUQ

Wattage 1,230 Watts
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Overview: Samsung Split AC 1T 2 Star AR12FC2UAUQ

When the scorching heat becomes unbearable, air conditioners offer welcome relief. Especially in a country where the blazing sun is seen for most of the year, an air conditioner is an essential appliance for any home. This is why Samsung has brought forth the AR12FC2UAUQ Split Air Conditioner, which will allow you to live and work in peace even when the mercury is busy soaring high. It is a 1.0 ton AC that includes quite a few features to make you comfortable.

Multi Jet Technology enables quick cooling

This Samsung split AC comes with a Multi Jet Technology. Now you need not wait too long for the cooling effect to kick in after switching on the AC. This innovative technology basically makes the heat exchange surface with the multi channel flow more effectively and at a rapid pace. Along with the flat surface design, this action leads to a decrease in air resistance and hence enables the cooling effect to set in faster.

Full HD Filter helps you keep the split AC clean

There is a Block Dust and Full HD Filter technology which helps in keeping the Samsung AC clean. This is because it includes a unique anti-bacteria coating, which collects tiny dust particles and micro-organisms that you cannot see. Moreover, this Filter effect also keeps bad odours at bay so that you can enjoy a hygienic environment.

Good Sleep Function allows you to sleep well

This Samsung air conditioner comes with an innovative Good Sleep Function. This Function takes into consideration the rhythms of human sleep essentially. As a result, the cooling is controlled and maintained at an ideal temperature ensuring good sleep which translates into good health for you.

Auto Clean ensures there is no internal corrosion

There is an Auto Clean function in the Samsung split AC which prevents collection of moisture inside the machine and thus prevents internal corrosion. The Auto Cleaning feature runs even after you have turned the AC off, thus keeping it dry and increasing its longevity in turn.

Features: Samsung Split AC 1T 2 Star AR12FC2UAUQ

  • Multi Jet Technology for efficient & Fast Cooling
  • Good Sleep Function for efficient sleep and energy saving
  • Powerful Tropicalized Rotary compressor cools even at 52 degree C
  • Full HD Filter collects upto 60 percent of dust and bacteria
Product Details
Manufacturer Samsung
Wattage 1,230 Watts
Technical Specification
Power Source Corded Electric
Power Adapter Included Yes
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 26 kg
Product Dimensions 24.2 cm x 66 cm x 47.5 cm

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