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Samsung WF600B0BKWQ Automatic Washing Machine

Samsung WF600B0BKWQ Automatic Washing Machine

Brand Samsung
Model Number WF600B0BKWQ
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Buying a washing machine is not an easy task. Many people end up buying a model that they instantly like, only to realize later that it does not serve their purpose well. A washing machine, if used properly, can last for as long as 15-20 years. So, it is important that you buy the one that suits your requirements, as well as the growing needs of your family. Here’s a step by step guide to help you buy the best washing machine.

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Overview: Samsung WF600B0BKWQ Automatic Washing Machine

With the advances in the technology, our household chores are getting easier and more comfortable. Washing clothes was once used to be a hectic task, but with the advent of washing machine, the job has been easier than ever before. The technological advances have further managed to come up with features with better performance and to cause no harm to the fabric. Samsung WF600B0BKWQ 6 Kg Fully Automatic washing machine is an advanced technology washing machine with a loading capacity of 6 kg which means that you can wash a cloth-chunk of this weight at a time.

The washing machine has a drum with diamond shaped uniquely designed holes that create an efficient environment for a clean and damage-free wash. It also features a drying system that reduces the drying time with the help of the rapidly rotating powerful motors that manage to extract more amount of water from the load in less time. The washing machine is a fully automatic device that needs no assistance at all. It is a front loading washing machine with a glass lid that gives you a view of the washing process that goes on inside the machine.

It is durable and also consumes very less energy for the operations. The Samsung WF600B0BKWQ 6 Kg Fully Automatic washing machine has a brushless digital motor that runs much cooler and consumes lesser energy than other conventional washing machines. It also has less moving parts so; even the life span is longer than others. The washing machine has smaller water exit holes that prevent the clothes from sticking out. It, thus, helps in maintaining the condition of the fabric. There are double coated ceramic heaters that prevents the water scale deposits from building up on the heater itself.

The Samsung WF600B0BKWQ 6 Kg Fully Automatic washing machine has Consistent Power Samsung Volt Control safeguards that prevents the washing machine from getting short circuited or defunct due to high voltage. This feature also helps in managing the performance of the washing machine when there is low voltage. When there is a power cut and the washing stops, yo udo not have to worry about starting the process all over again. The same feature also reminds the washing machine of the status of the process, and by the time, the power comes back, it restarts and resumes the process, automatically. This is the USP of this product; it works automatically. It stores the water after rinsing the clothes to be reused for the next wash. It thus saves water and money, as well. The washing machine also has a filter that helps you to have an efficient filtration and rinsing, thus less water wastage. If you are washing clothes of similar fabric in different batches then you do not have to set the settings every time. The fully automatic features help the machine remember the last set settings. Just press this button, and the wash resumes. You can buy online the fully automatic Samsung washing machine and get it delivered at your doorstep.

Features: Samsung WF600B0BKWQ Automatic Washing Machine

  • Capacity : 6 Kg
  • Type : Fully Automatic Washing Machine
  • Front Loading
Product Details
Manufacturer Samsung
Brand Samsung
Model Number WF600B0BKWQ
Technical Specification
Power Source Corded-Electric

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