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San Frissco Black Men - Formal Shoes
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San Frissco Black Men - Formal Shoes

Brand San Frissco
Colour Black
Size 10
Material Leather
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Overview: San Frissco Black Men's Shoes

Are your pair of formal shoes boring you? Do your toes hurt when you wear your formal shoes? If the answers of these questions are yes, then you have come to the right place. San Frrisco, one of the leading brands in men's footwear brings you San Frissco Black Men - Formal Shoes. So what are you waiting for? Buy these pair of shoes online now and get them delivered at your doorsteps.

A pair of stylish and comfortable formal shoes

Formal shoes are often the shoes that a person uses most in his lifetime. They are your most used companions in your professional life, and probably undergo more wear and tear than any other things that you might be using. However, their importance is incomparable. That is the precise reason you need a fresh pair of San Frrisco black men's formal shoes. These shoes are very stylish. The colour black is something that will never go out of fashion. Moreover, black shoes are a necessity because they are a customary part of any formal wear. The upper layers of this pair of shoes are made out of leather. They have overlays and the stitching is very detailed. This gives the pair a really long life. The mid foot contains a brand badge. The heel collar is re enforced. The leather on the surface is quite glossy giving the pair a very plush feeling. The forefoot has nubs and the heel is stacked and textured. The tough outsole makes the pair quite durable. The material that is used inside is velvet. As a result of this, your feet feel very comfortable. This pair can be used in all the seasons. In summers, this pair is an ideal choice because of the quality of the leather. It does not get too heated up and hence allows you to walk a long distance without too much discomfort. The edges of the pair is designed and softened in such a way that they are blister resistant. So you can wear these comfortably from the day you buy them. In the rainy season, this stitch of this pair comes into play. Your feet do not get affected by the water because they are covered in their entirety. However, it is advisable that you wear the shoes a little carefully during the monsoon, because the leather softens up and takes more time to dry. In the winters, you can wear them for an elongated point of time. The pair is designed in such a way that your feet do not get suffocated.

If you suffer from flat feet, these shoes work like magic. They will not make you feel a thing. The surface inside is curved in such a way that it works as good as a pair of doctor's shoe. Hence, you can use this shoe for walking over an elongated period of time without feeling any pain that might rise from the pair. This pair is laced. This enables you to fasten your shoe laces and adjust your pair of shoes according to your feet size and comfort.

Maintenance and Care

Use a soft brush to dust away the dirt that accumulates on the surface. After that, polish the pair with a proper shoe polishing ink. You can use a shiner after that to give the pair a little extra glaze. If you are using the pair for some special occasion, use a leather conditioner or wax. This will give the pair some extra shine.

Style Tips and Occasions

You can wear this pair with any formal dress. This pair would also look great if you pair it with a suit. Have a big night coming up? Wear a tuxedo and put on these shoes. You could wear them to office everyday, or you can wear them to a party, this pair will never fail you anywhere.

Key Highlights

Brand: San Frrisco

Colour: Black

Material: Leather

Style: Laced

Product Details
Brand San Frissco
Colour Black
Target Audience Men
Size 10
Material Leather

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