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SanDisk 16GB Cruzer Blade Pen Drive Pack of 5

SanDisk 16GB Cruzer Blade Pen Drive Pack of 5

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Overview: SanDisk 16GB Cruzer Blade

SanDisk cruzer blade 16 GB pen drive is available in a pack of five. We all know the importance of pen drives in today's time. There is a lot of data and files which we need to carry with us all the time. But carrying a PC or a laptop from one place to another is always not feasible. This issue is solved with the help of a pen drive, we transfer our important files in pen drive and take it along with us wherever we are going. Pen drives are important for everyone today whether it is a school student, college student or an employee. Pen drive saves a lot of time also as the data gets transferred very easily and quickly. You can store your favorite pictures, movies, songs or office related work files in this pen drive. And 16 GB is a great space because of which you don't have to worry about the storage of your large files now.

This product is coming in a pack of five pen drives which is a great deal as everybody in the family can have their own pen drives. It will be comfortable for everyone and everybody will be able to do their tasks without any interruptions. And also five pen drives will be very helpful if you want keep your files in different sections like if you want to keep a separate pen drive for your home related files and a separate pen drive for office related work. This pen drive is an overall a great offer which is coming at a very nice price.

SanDisk is the company which has created this Cruzer blade pen drive. This US based company, SanDisk, came into existence in 1988. This company is the developer of flash memory storage solutions and software. This company's aim is to store the increasing amount of data in a very efficient manner which is user friendly and also make them feel comfortable. These pen drives made by this company are designed with high technology and innovation. And this is the reason why they are the leaders in the market. People from all over the world are buying and trusting this company's products. The innovative products that they are making are Digital audio players, flash memory cards, USB flash drives, Embedded flash drives etc. This company is also awarded for their innovation by the president of United States of America.

The packaging consists of five SanDisk cruzer blade pen drives. You can gift these pen drives to your friends and family as this is a very useful thing. The pen drives are in the storage space of 16 GB which is great and you will be able to store ample amount of files and data. These pen drives are available in black and red color which is very classy and suits with all kind of PCs and laptops. The size of the pen drive is very small and the weight is also very less which will enable you to carry it very easily. You can keep this pen drive in your pocket or bag without any difficulty. These pen drives are compatible with all kind of PCs which has 2.0 USB interface. The transfer speed is 3 MB/s which is very high and fast. The performance of this pen drive is amazing and is a highly recommended product. Buy this product now exclusively at at a very reasonable price.

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Brand SanDisk
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