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SanDisk Extreme USB 3.0 Flash Drive 190MB/s

SanDisk Extreme USB 3.0 Flash Drive 190MB/s

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Manufacturer SanDisk
Brand SanDisk
Item Package Quantity 1

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  1.  An Astonishing & Uncompromising USB Drive Made By A Magnificent Company SanDisk 14 October, 2014 On
    SanDisk is always been the world leader in Memory area since a very long time, actually you can say since decades. The products from SanDisk - USB Drives, Memory Cards, and presently having SSD Hard Drives even all having superb quality, durability and especially design part as well.

    The pen drive now-a-days a common part in everyone's life. Cost is really getting down and which is why almost everyone have a pen drive in their home, office, cars, music players. But one of the important aspect of every pen drive is the reliability, their speed, design, any heating issues and how actually the product is and of course the cost. Per GB, the cost is getting lesser and so does you have a variety of pen drives available in every corner of the market.

    So, what's core role of any pen drive is - and in the very first place, to keep the Data Secure, again keep it retain for longer and longer periods without even worrying that it gets crashed or anything that happens and we might lose our data and all other secondary thoughts second priority. First priority for any user is the "DATA" - to keep it safe, and retain it for longer periods and here comes the solution by SanDisk. The SanDisk Extreme USB 3.0 does have all of the features that any serious user who's looking regarding Data Solution, then this is the device that you don't want to miss.

    Talking about our first priority, the Data, SanDisk Extreme USB 3.0 keeps it and retains it for many years. But, how! Here's the answer. First of all, the Extreme series of SanDisk is for the Serious users who are crazy about their data and when data word is there, you can store anything, from any kind of files to documents, pictures to music, movies and anything, you name it. Comparing with other pen drives, this SanDisk Extreme uses different kind of technology to store the data. The chip itself having NAND flash and top of it, it has the same technology that has been using in their Solid State Drives. This becomes the Extreme product a fastest to write down the data, in simple words while you copy the data, it actually burns the data which is nothing but writing the data in pen drive. Additionally, the Extreme has USB 3.0 technology which again becomes the rapid fire writing. SanDisk is telling us Extreme 3.0 64 GB, can write down the data at speed of 190 MB/s (up to) which is simply awesome; till now this is only USB drive that has the highest writing score. And reading part of course it would be more higher than this figure, it can read at a rate of 245 MB/s (up to).

    The above figures are from SanDisk and it varies from system to system. But I've generalised everything and it is still giving me one of the best results. For any USB drives, if you do the Sequential read/write test, and tests gives you higher score, that means you've the best product in your hand but again, it also depends on Brands and few other factors. For me, Extreme 3.0 64 GB is giving me 25.80 MB/s in Writing area section and for reading it is 31.55 MB/s and this is for sequential read/write speed for 500 MB data done by CrystalDiskMark application on Windows 7 Platform, USB 2.0 Only. This Extreme USB drive is compatible with USB 3.0 technology and if you have a USB 3.0 port, then this figure would be higher, for sure. I haven't got the USB 3.0 but USB 2.0 have fantastic results while I test it. Different applications of testing gives you different test results and like I said, it depends on which system you're testing. But the main important thing is always look out for Sequential read/write data and higher the score, means a better USB Drive product.

    In an average, within USB 2.0 port, the Extreme 3.0 64 GB gives you write speed of around 25 to 30 MB/s and read speed more than 30 MB/s which is a significant improvement over previous USB drives or any other brand's USB drive. Always remember, if write speed is higher, it is very sure that read will definitely be higher. Within computer, you'll have loads of different files, folders and among those, this SanDisk Extreme can transfer the data in a very fast speed (more than 25 to 30 MB/s) and this proves that within this pen drive it has solid state drive technology. I'm writing this because I've other SanDisk USB Drives which cannot write at this much of speed.

    This USB drive gives you the available space of 59.6 GB out of 64.0 GB; other space has been reserved by cache memory by drive itself for performance and speed. The drive itself is formatted with FAT32 file system, but I recommend you format the drive using NTFS file system. The FAT32 can store the single file max of 4 GB, not more than that, and within NTFS you can store the single file who's size is even bigger than 4 GB. Also NTFS is more reliable and newer technology that it can recognise with most of the other platforms even such as Linux, iOS or any other open source operating system. The SanDisk Extreme contains factory Apps, named SanDisk Secure Access. Secure Access software which can lock down the whole drive and you'll need to put down the password to open the pen drive. Over web of SanDisk, they provides other softwares to enhance the pen drive more useful and only SanDisk USB drive can be able to use it, not the other brands which is again a plus and helpful point even in regards to security point of view.

    Talking about the build quality, this drive has plasticy body but it has a strong plastic compare to other range of SanDisk USB drives. I've dropped once and it was a flat hard surface, but when I checked with my computer, it is working amazingly very well. The material is really strong. Per length wise, it is quite longer than other range of or other brands USB disks. And I believe it is actually good, because when you're accessing the pen drive, it heats up quickly. If you compare this USB Drive with other brands, the smaller metallic drives heats up easily and within memory area, if it heats up easily, you will need to start worry about the product because it won't be durable for longer periods; ultimately you'll need to change the device and in SanDisk part, any of its pen drive, doesn't heats up easily. Longer length gives enough space to breathe easily for this USB drive and as a result, it doesn't heat up at all; plastic kind of material even doesn't catch heat easily and moreover, the NAND flash is really built up in such a way that it performs faster and doesn't heats up even.

    The design part, one of the best. SanDisk always have built an unbeatable design for every USB drives and this is the Extreme - it gotta to be best and superb, which this one is! The slider mechanism smoothly opens up and closes up. There's no issues at all and sliding mechanism gives you not to worry about losing the cap of your precious pen drive. While you inserts the drive within your computer, it blinks with Blue Coloured LED which I really like; whenever you access the USB drive, it gets blinks and in here, the Blue Coloured is not so catchy or not so bright. Whole USB drive comes up in Black colour which gives an elegant and classic look. Top part is a bit shiny only with black coloured and rest other whole part, SanDisk have made kind of matte black coloured, which becomes the drive scratch proof. End part have a lanyard whole to use as a keychain, but yes, don't be use as a keychain because after all it is a Premium series and if you ask me, it is very precious for me and I'll dedicatedly use as my baby!!! The back side has all its serial numbers and important data engraved.

    SanDisk provides a life time warranty which is one of the strongest feature. You can even register your USB disk over SanDisk's online web portal; to be specific life time warranty gives 30 years of time period and which I guess whooping time!

    What my recommendation regarding this USB disk or in any general way is, don't format your drive again and again. This becomes the drive's lifespan less. For any USB Drive, it has some certain number of life span that you can write down again and again. Deleting the data is different story and formatting the drive is again the different story. If you format the drive periodically, it actually counts its life span which you don't want to do but yes, depends on the situation, you can use the format option. The bigger the USB drive size, the better you'll need to take care against viruses. I recommend to periodically check your USB drive with updated Antivirus software and keep your data secure every time. If possible you can even buy a better case for this USB drive.

    Over Junglee web, first of all, it is Junglee - the wild one because you can literally search and compare the product as per pricing, performance, reviews and so many different tags. I've been recommended by my sister to join this site and it is simply worth it.

    Overall, I'm recommending this product strongly who're very serious for their important data backups or just concerns about their Data. For a premium USB Drive - the Extreme Series, it has a different pricing segment which can't be comparable with other regular USB drives or even with other brands; it is worth of every penny because when there's the word "Data", you don't want to compromise anything and that's what the SanDisk have built this product, not at all compromising, anything! I've been using this USB Extreme Disk since a long time and to write up a review, yes, my SanDisk Extreme 3.0 64 GB have gone all the hard way and it really proved an Outstanding Performer in every area. Premium series have their own price and so does the Top Notch Performance - Go and get your SanDisk Extreme drive and store your world without worrying anything!
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