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SanDisk Ultra SDCZ48-032G-U46 32GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive
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SanDisk Ultra SDCZ48-032G-U46 32GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive

Lowest online price: 850.00 670 (21% off)
  • Access hi-res photos, HD videos or other large files up to 4 times faster than USB 2.0 drives
  • Fast performance speeds (up to 80 MB/sec)
  • USB 3.0 enabled (USB 2.0 compatible)
  • Keep private files private with SanDisk SecureAccess software

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Overview: SanDisk Ultra SDCZ48-032G-U46 32GB

If you are looking to store sensitive or confidential data and want an extra secure pen drive, Sandisk should be the perfect choice. This is a device that comes with all the required hardware encryption and includes an onboard co-processor that can handle the encryption algorithms and it allows your device to have quality reading and writing speeds. The security level provided will live up to your expectations and will meet your needs.

SanDisk brings this SanDisk Ultra 32 GB USB Pen Drive foryou. It is a solution to all your storage issues and will help you to upgrade your storage device and make sure that it serves you better than the last one you used. This pocket-sized digital data storage device is useful for transferring documents, pictures and music files. It is not only quick and easy to deal with but these drives are secure, reusable and easy to transport than any other forms of external data storage. You can carry it easily in your pocket or hook it in the key chains or clip it to laptop cases. They are easily accessible and is a smart solution for temporary data storage. You will be able to access it on the go during your long and tiring journeys via your laptop. With the help of this pendrive, you will be able to store your favourite files in this storage device. The files in turn can be played on any device you want that supports USB. It is small and sleek pen drive and offers ample storage space of 32 GB, so that you do not miss out on storing any file of your choice.

Product Features

The first thing that will draw your attention towards this pen drive is the attractive colour combination of black and red. This method of storing the data is the most promising and trustworthy. Compared to CDs and DVDs, pen drives are much more durable because you can expect them to be safe even if the pendrive meets up with accidental falls. The data can be stored for multiple years provided you take proper care in handling it. This pen rive provides fast and uninterrupted free transfer between this flash drive and the device it is connected to. This is small in size and comes with a unique system of opening it. The look and the size deliver a smart, trendy and elegant look. The dimension of this small flash drive is 5.7 cm x 1.1 cm x 2.1 cm and weighs 13.6 grams. It is compatible with various Operating Systems. Windows XP (SP3), Windows XP (SP2), Windows Vista, Windows 7, Linux 2.6, Linux 3.0, Mac OS X v10.5, Mac OS X v10.6, Mac OS X v10.7, Mac OS X v10.8 are the compatible operating systems to name the few. This USB flash drives requires no external power source and comes in a wide-range of capacities. The relatively durable design is a safe and secure way to store large amount of data.


The storage space depends on the size and types of the file. If you store movie files then you might be able to store as many as twenty files in it. If there are small files like mp3 tracks or images then you can store numerous files. Shop SanDisk Ultra 32 GB USB Pen Driveonline and you will free of all the storage issues. The space provided is 32 GB that is large enough to store a huge number of files. This large space can also be used to create a complete back up for your smartphone. The space, 32 GB is more than enough to transfer large application files. The storage capacities of pen drives have increased significantly, earlier you could use only few GBs but now with the new inventions, you can store a large number of data. It is extremely sleek and looks really impressive.


This pen drive will be the solution to all the issues that you might have faced as far as storage devices are concerned. Phones, laptops and tablets are incomplete without the accessories. You can also carry your favourite movies while travelling and you can watch them when you are travelling all alone. Though tablets, laptops and mobile phones are affordable nowadays, they often lack the storage space, and if they need formatting, you might end up loosing all your vital data. You will be able to transfer high definition games and videos, music files, important files and documents in the blink of an eye. The safety and security are the main attributes of this brand and therefore the brand SanDisk engineering makes sure that no information is lost or damaged during the transfer. Thus, this pen drive will automatically become a must have option when you need to keep a back up of your office presentation. If you want to share photos with your friends and family that are large in size, then this device will help you do that. It will be just one thing and you will be sorted. You will not need any special installation, instead you just need to plug into your USB device and play it. You can very easily store your favourite songs in the device and then plug it in your car's music system or any other audio system to get the maximum fun of your long drive.

Maintenance and Care

This pen drive is handy and is a compact storage device that can be taken anywhere. Moreover, this will be a durable device and will never break provided you take proper care. One procedure that you should always follow is scanning the files you want to transfer to the flash drive. This will prevent the malware from getting transferred through the corrupt files. It will help you to transfer files at blazing speeds while you redefine your style by possessing this gorgeous pen drive. Do not handle this pendrive when your hands are wet. Buy SanDisk Ultra 32 GB USB Pen Drive and you will get it delivered at your doorstep or your office. It is advised not to expose this pen drive to excessive heat or any kind of moisture as this might cause immense damage to it. If any dust accidentally enters into the pen drive, make sure it is cleaned because the device it is entered into might face serious problems. You should attach a string to it as it will help you carry it anywhere you go in a safe and secure manner. When you order for this device, you get it delivered at your doorsteps in a matter of days. The package will contain one unit of the pendrive and it comes with one year manufacturer's warranty.

Features: SanDisk Ultra SDCZ48-032G-U46 32GB

  • Access hi-res photos, HD videos or other large files up to 4 times faster than USB 2.0 drives
  • Fast performance speeds (up to 80 MB/sec)
  • USB 3.0 enabled (USB 2.0 compatible)
  • Keep private files private with SanDisk SecureAccess software
  • Backed by 5 year limited warranty
Product Details
Size 32 GB
Manufacturer SanDisk
Brand SanDisk
Model Number SDCZ48-032G-U46
Colour Name Black
Item Package Quantity 1
Warranty 5 year manufacturer warranty
Technical Specification
Interface USB 3.0
Memory Storage Capacity 32
Compatible Devices Others
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 13.6 grams
Product Dimensions 5.7 cm x 1.1 cm x 2.1 cm

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