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Sandisk Ultra SDHC UHS-I 8GB Class 10 Memory Card
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Sandisk Ultra SDHC UHS-I 8GB Class 10 Memory Card

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Overview: Sandisk Ultra SDHC UHS-I 8GB Class 10

Memory cards are considered as one of the most important peripherals. They are compact, handy and light in weight. You can carry them with you wherever you want to. This Sandisk Class 10 8GB Memory Card is a unique peripheral made for easy and convenient use. It has a huge amount of space for storing all kinds of files, folders and documents. The 8GB space gives a grand platform for you to save a huge amount of information. You can save all kinds of file formats be it songs, movies, documents or pdf. The detachable nature of the memory card enables you to insert it in the computer card holder or use it like a phone memory card. It is super sleek and stylish, that you can also gift it to your geek friend who loves to download stuff from the internet.

Sandisk excels in making high quality and exclusive products. This Sandisk Class 10 8GB Memory Card is another example of their high tech and inventive creations. This is a speed and high performance SD card with super quick data transfer. It is light in weight and handy and can be carried with you wherever you want. The compact body slides into your purse or pouch. It needs no specific application, driver or software to run. It works on the plug and play technology. It is compatible with a variety of devices.

This SD card from Sandisk is designed to store high quality data like 3D and HD videos. It does quick and smooth data transfer. It is made resistant to water and shock. It protects the data from magnets and X-rays of airport security checks. This SD card reads data at a speed of 95MB/s and writes at a speed of 90MB/s. The high quality material and strong in-built mechanism protect your data even in case of physical damage to the device. Hence place an order for this SD card online at the earliest.

Features at a glance:

It has a sleek and stylish body. This Class 10 Memory Card By SanDisk gives 8 GB storage capacity. It is compatible with multiple devices. It can do HD quality video and audio data transfer in no time at all. This tiny little micro SD is durable and strong. It runs on the Class 10 series. It has an in-built system which protects the data from airport X-rays. It can do Full HD (1080p) and 3D video storage. It is perfect for ultra-compact mobile phones and portable devices. It is compatible with all high tech smart phones like Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, Blackberry and LG. It has Built-in Error Correcting Code (ECC) to detect and correct transfer errors. Allows In System Programming (ISP) for updating firmware. Apart from all these high tech features, it also supports auto-standby, power-off and sleep modes. This MicroSD gives 4 MB/s Write Speed. The company gives a warranty of 2 years on the SD card and if anything goes amiss with the SD card within this time span, Sandisk takes the responsibility of replacing the memory card.


Maintenance is an important thing when you are using this Class 10 Memory Card by SanDisk. SD cards are very small hence they stand the chance of getting lost. It is always advisable that you keep the SD card in a pouch or some tiny compartment in your purse. Do not change the place of keeping your SD card as this might lead to losing it. The pouch where you keep your SD card should be of some bright colour so that you can locate it easily. Use a cotton or satin cloth to keep your SD card wrapped.

In case you need to clean the SD card, never go overboard and immerse it in water or clean it with soap water. Just cleaning it with a damp cloth or little sanitizer would do the job. Use a mild sanitizer and pour a little drop on a cotton pad, then clean the SD card with gentle hands. Do not rub or scrub the card. Never use sharp objects or nails to clean the SD card as it might hamper the data or life of the SD card. Take out the SD card immediately out of the mobile phone or laptop in case of over heating as it might wipe out the entire data on the SD card.

Features: Sandisk Ultra SDHC UHS-I 8GB Class 10

  • Class 10 performance for seamless full HD video recording
  • Fast read speed reduces upload time
  • Durable design
Product Details
Manufacturer SanDisk
Brand SanDisk
Model Number SDSDU-008G-U46
Colour Name Black
Item Package Quantity 1
Warranty Lifetime limited
Technical Specification
Form Factor SD
Hard Disk Size 8 GB
Included RAM Size 8 GB
Memory Storage Capacity 8 GB
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 40 grams
Product Dimensions 0.2 cm x 3.1 cm x 2 cm

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