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Sangeetha Jute Flower Tifin Bag

Sangeetha Jute Flower Tifin Bag

Brand Sangeetha Bags
Colour White
Size 9
Material Jute
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Product Description

The 'Sangeetha jute hand bag' is great companion for work days and when you go out shopping. It can also be carried just as a hand bag as it is stylish and has a trendy design. The Sangeetha Jute handbag is environment friendly, long lasting and spacious. The bag has a perfect finish with stylish and elegant patterns, and beautiful combination of colours. Buy the Sangeetha jute hand bag today and discover an eco-friendly way to stay stylish and trendy. The bag is available to buy online.


The Sangeetha Jute hand bag is predominantly white/ beige in colour and therefore can be easily carried to work. It has a thick cobalt blue handle which creates an attractive contrast with the base of the bag. A simple band as the strap runs through the top of the bag just below the edge and gives it a very chic look. The sangeetha jute hand bag also has delicate cobalt blue floral graphics on it. The bag has a zip closure making it a useful piece to carry your lunch or other items to work in.

Due to the material and the superior quality stitching the sangeetha jute hand bag is tough and is guaranteed to last for a long time. The unique eco-friendly design will also be less taxing on the environment and help reduce carbon footprints.

About the material

Jute is one of the most affordable natural fibres is composed of primarily of the plant materials cellulose and lignin. The industrial term for jute fibre is raw jute.


Height 13 x Width 9.5





Environment friendly

About the Brand

The creators of Sangeetha jute hand bags are engaged in the export of a large variety of Jute Shopping Bags, Promotional Bags, Wine Bottle, Gift, Souvenir, Ladies Bags, Non Woven Bags, General Shopping Bags, Food Grade Bags, Pickup Bags, Multi Colour Bags, Corporate Bags, Bags Pouches, Wedding Bags, Files, Varity Bags, Jute Footwear, other occasional items, etc. These bags are created with traditional and trendy designs and looks to cater to both conventional and innovative applications like Trade Promotion and other Image Building quests. Jute - "The Golden Fibre", the 100% Bio Degradable Fibre, as you know, is a unique gift of nature. It is truly one of the most versatile fibres, known to mankind. Jute is incorporated with high tensile strength to derive innovative and attractive designs. Sangeetha Bags, manufacture these bags keeping in mind the needs of the modern day customer.

So shop online for the sangeetha jute hand bag today and bring home a stylish and eco friendly way to carry your lunch to work.

Product Details
Brand Sangeetha Bags
Model Number Flower Tifin
Colour White
Size 9
Material Jute

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