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Sanjeev Kapoor Gas Oven Tandoor

Sanjeev Kapoor Gas Oven Tandoor

Brand Wonderchef
Colour Black
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Overview: Sanjeev Kapoor Gas Oven Tandoor

Sanjeev Kapoor recipes are known to be easy to make and when it comes to choosing kitchen appliances, you can certainly rely on his advice of this celebrity master chef for a better pick. A wonderful appliance for your kitchen that can help you cook like this master chef is this gas oven tandoor. This machine is perfect for Indian kitchen and everyday cooking. The oven works on your gas stove. It is portable, easy to handle and removes extra oil from the food.

Remove excess oil from your food

Sanjeev Kapoor's tandoor is designed to give you healthy meals by removing the excess oil left in the food. A tray is provided at the bottom of the machine. When your food gets cooked, the excess oil and grease from fats slowly drips down from the holes on the bottom of the cooking area and collects in the tray. Since the fat is discharged, the food remains free from bad odour. You can easily discard the excess oil by detaching the tray.

Convection cooking method for even cooking

This gas oven tandoor is a device in which wet and dry heat work together while cooking. A three dimensional heating of food takes place. This heating process cooks food from outside as well as inside simultaneously. The heat circulates inside, which eliminates your need to turn over or flip the food. Now you can easily cook those toothsome recipes that are only available at restaurants. Perfect for Indian and Western cooking, you can create tandoor dishes, breads, chicken tikka, muffins, etc., at the convenience of your home.

Easy to carry and easy to clean

Another very useful feature of this machine is that, it is easy to clean and carry. Small and compact, this machine fits any gas oven. You can carry it to your friend's house, picnics, barbecues and outings. Just place it on a gas stove and the rest is just cake walk. The oil and grease make the entire process of cleaning these machines toilsome. But as this kitchen appliance has detachable parts, cleaning it is easy.

Features: Sanjeev Kapoor Gas Oven Tandoor

  • Product Dimensions : 1 pc Tandoori Plate, 1 pc Glass Lid & 1 pc Tray
  • Key Features : 1. 360 Degree Heating :
Product Details
Manufacturer Wonderchef
Brand Wonderchef
Colour Black
Warranty 1 Year

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