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Santana Evening Pencil Dress SV001577 Blue

Santana Evening Pencil Dress SV001577 Blue

Brand Santana Fashions
Colour Blue
Size M
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Overview: Santana Evening Pencil Dress SV001577 Blue

Every individual nurtures the innate desire of looking good and wishes to feel admired. The word 'fashion' has the ability to instantly denote glamour and colour. Women take fashion very seriously and are constantly experimenting with a variety of different styles, looks and textures of garments. Fashion also plays a very necessary role in a person's life because it has been considered as a means of expressing oneself. The outfit and accessories that a person wears, helps in determining his or her lifestyle and personality. As a result of this fashion has become synonymous with a country's overall growth. The party season is coming up, and if you are on the lookout for a classy dress then this Santana Evening Lace Pencil Dress is the perfect option for you.

Design and Style of the Dress:

A pencil dress is a slim-fitting outfit that characterizes a narrow, straight cut which generally has the hem falling towards or just below the knee and is perfectly tailored for a close and body hugging fit. The dress is named for its shape, which denotes a long and slim shape, like that of a pencil. The narrow and slim shape of a pencil dress usually restricts the easy movement of the wearer because of which these dresses often feature a slit at the back and sometimes at the side, though very rare. This beautiful lace dress by Santana is a sober white that gives it a very classy and elegant look. Knee length and sleeveless, this pencil dress is the perfect choice for those who like to keep their dressing simple and yet make a style statement. The dress stands out because of its use of crocheted lace that adds to its beauty and glamour. Crochet lace is an application that uses the art of crochet. Usually, it makes use of finer threads and elaborate decorative stitching styles that are often characterized by flowing lines and scalloped edges to give a very glamorous and classy look to the outfit. The dress has a blend of polyester and spandex lining with the lace fabric over it, allowing the lace texture to stand out in a very elaborate manner. The lining ends just a little above the knee, while the crocheted lace design continues towards the knees, adding the look of a pretty border. It features a round neck with broad sleeves, simple without any elaborate intricacies, yet standing out as an extremely classy and elegant design. This lace crochet dress by Santana is the perfect choice for you this party season. Accentuate your shape in this pencil dress.

Accessorize this Dress with:

The beauty of this dress lies in its colour and use of lace. As a result of this, this dress can be accessorized with a variety of elegant jewellery that would compliment the look of the dress and yet help it in standing out. You can experiment with classy silver jewellery that could include a pair of silver earrings and a pretty necklace. You could also pair it up with a beautiful silver bracelet on either hand. Finish your look with a pair of white pencil heels and a classy clutch. You could also choose a set of pearl earrings and a necklace, which would look very elegant with your dress. Follow these styling tips and look your prettiest this party season. Since the dress is made of lace, it should be ideally dry cleaned in order to keep the lace in good condition and to prevent the lace from tearing. Avoid machine washing this dress as it could damage the fine working of it. Follow these maintenance tips in order to increase the longevity of this dress and also keep its beautiful look lasting for years to come.

Key Highlights:

Brand: Santana

Crafted in lace crochet

Ideally dry clean only

Shop online for this Santana Evening Lace Crochet Pencil Dress and set the fashion statement for this year's party season high by several notches.

Product Details
Brand Santana Fashions
Colour Blue
Size M

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