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Satvikk Almond Californian 80G

Satvikk Almond Californian 80G

Product Weight 80 grams
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Product Description

If you care about your health, some dry fruits every day should serve your purpose easily. While some of the other dry fruits cause more harm than good, the same cannot be said for almonds. Almonds are known to provide a wide range of health benefits. The pack of Satvikk almond Californian brings to you all these benefits along with superior taste.

The state of California in the USA is known to produce the best almonds in the world and all the goodness of these dry fruits is now accessible for you. Each piece of Satvikk almond Californian is carefully chosen for discerning consumers like you so that you get full value for the money that you spend on these superior nuts. Almonds are considered among the best providers of Vitamin E, protein, minerals like magnesium and copper and fibres. The extra Vitamin E available in almonds lowers your cholesterol level. The high fibre content in almonds keeps your cardiovascular system working like a well-oiled machine.

It is said that popping in four to five almonds every day keeps you healthy. If you are into workouts and gyms, almonds provide that much needed energy to your body so that you are able to stretch and stress it further. You will also not feel down and out during the day because the almonds will keep you going. And even if you are don't think about these health benefits, you will still love to consume almonds. The nutty taste of almonds combined with the subtle woody aroma makes them the perfect snack for any time. The taste of almonds depends on their quality and this is where Californian almonds really stand out. The Satvikk almond Californian contains the best of what California has to offer and you are bound to fall in love as you take the first bite.

Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 80 grams

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