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New Clip in Ponytail Bun Scrunchie Drawstring Hair Extension Synthetic Hairpiece Light Brown AD

New Clip in Ponytail Bun Scrunchie Drawstring Hair Extension Synthetic Hairpiece Light Brown AD

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Product Description

Hair is t he most esteemed and prized possession of a woman. Nothing can make a woman more delightful than a cascade of soft, shiny and smooth hair flowing over her shoulders. Gorgeous hair is the secret to a woman's beauty and it is the accoutrement women feel pride for. Nowadays, with growing hectic life, it is practically impossible to possess such long hair and here comes the brand Xiufen to your rescue. Women are quite worried about what hair style to sport before going to a party or any casual outing. Since, no look is complete without a stylish hair-do women seek for the latest trend and panache. Elegant and fabulous are the words that will add to your style quotient the moment you embrace this pretty New Clip in ponytail bun.

Why to use this ponytail bun?

The hair bun is adds timeless and simple style to a woman's appeal. It is wrapped and allowed to stay up and thus out of the way making it more adorable and comfortable. In summer days, no hair style can be more relaxing than the fabulous bun tied with new and exciting twist to render it the modern look. One can easily modernise the look with this ponytail bun that transforms your hair style whether it is short, curly or straight to a trendy appearance. Many a times, when you come across celebrities sporting a ponytail bun which excels and adds to their style sense, it is most likely of you to achieve such looks.

Women, nowadays, equally take part in the busy and tiring life outside the periphery of their house. It is quite usual for them to maintain long length hair. Even if you have long hair, you barely get days when you don't suffer from a bad hair day. However, when it comes to beauty, no woman is eager to compromise on her looks. Thus, it is important to have this ponytail bun in handy so that it saves her from the hassle. Whatever your hair is, long or short, just set it with your hair and you can start your day by flaunting your beauty. The ponytail bun is strikingly beautiful in a way that you can team it up with both western and ethnic wear.

It is available in six different colours - black, natural black, light brown, dark brown, black brown and burgundy. You can choose from the varied range with the one suitable to your hair type. It is done in a straight hair style pattern which is the most potential part of the contemporary hair style trend. It is light weight and hence you can sport a style without any discomfort. Reveal a fresh fashion trend and grab eyeballs around you with this extremely stylish adornment.

How to use?

Brush your hair neatly and tie it with a black clip or a hair band or you can roll it using hair pins. Clip this ponytail bun in your hair and set it. Now this will mean stepping out in an overall new look.  With these simple steps, you can embrace a new style. You can sport a new look by clipping it to a side, just behind your ears and this will help you give yourself that side bun appearance without much effort. Wear it with your favourite deep necked blouse or that dazzling gown and prepare yourself to be the topic of conversation among the crowd. Accessorising it with flowers or different other embellishments will let you co-ordinate your hair in respective outfits.

Maintenance -

Do not wash this with water or comb it massively. It is crafted in such a way that it will not tangle or mesh. Washing will damage the appearance of the bun and its shine. Once removed, place it carefully in a tidy and dry place. It does not need much maintenance and thus it will help you not only in showcasing a fascinating appearance but save your time as well.

Key Highlights-

Good quality and stylish New Clip in Ponytail Bun Scrunchie Drawstring Hair Extension Synthetic Hairpiece Light Brown AD

Brand Name - Xiufen Shop

Manufacturer - Xiufen Shop

Product Details
Manufacturer Xiufen shop
Brand Xiufen shop
Theme Black Friday 2014

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