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Second Chances 1 (Second Chances #1)
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Second Chances 1 (Second Chances #1)[Kindle Edition]

Language English
Contributor(s) Jo Briggs
Binding Kindle Edition
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Overview: Second Chances 1

PART ONE <br> <br>Five years on and Layla is back to reclaim her man <br> <br>Much has changed since she moved to New York to pursue a modelling career - On the outside she appears independent, self-assured and enjoying running her own successful fashion label. <br> <br>On the inside she is determined to take back what she lost five years ago when jealousy and misunderstandings allowed a so-called friend to manipulate and interfere in destroying her relationship with Evan Carter. <br> <br>Evan has spent all that time pretending to not be affected by the loss of Layla from his life. <br> <br>A twist of fate brings the two back together as they are forced to share a few days alone. <br> <br>Will she succeed or will misunderstandings and secrets come between them once again? <br> <br>Originally meant only to be a two part novella series a brand new part three will soon be added.
Product Details
Language English
Publication Date July 15, 2014
Publisher Daydream Books
Contributor(s) Jo Briggs
Binding Kindle Edition
Page Count 123
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Overall Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars
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  1.  Strong Will Gets Her Lost Love Back 15 February, 2014 On
    Second Chances - Novella One (Second Chance #1) written by Jo Briggs is a story of love, separation and reunion of Layla Keyes and Evan Carter. Layla Keys and Evan Carter fell in love with each other but someone among their best of the friends pretending to be all in favor played a game with them. The tricks played by this friend of theirs created a big amount of jealousy and misunderstanding between Layla and Evans. They both could not understand the manipulations done by someone else in their life and destroying the strongly bonded love between the two.

    Though Evan pretended to be unaffected by this big jolt, but inside his heart he always felt a space gone empty in his heart that used to be most precious to him. The both depart from each other and take different directions in life. Five years was a good amount of time for Layla to settle down in New York where she becomes very successful in her newly built career in modelling world.

    During this period of five years of her successful career, Layla could never forget a single moment she had spent with Evan. There comes a time in her career when she gets a chance to visit England, back to the place where she lost her love. And that is when she decided to square off the game she lost five years back and get back her lost love at any cost.
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