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The Secret (Gujarati)

The Secret (Gujarati)

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Language Gujarati
Contributor(s) Rhonda Byrne
Binding Paperback
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Overview: The Secret

Only a few books manage to cast an impression as indelible as The Secret, a book by Rhonda Byrne. Originally published in Australia and US, The Secret is a best-selling self-help book which guides readers towards the path of positive thinking and law of attraction. The Secret's premise is simple- to help its readers transform their lives- increase the possibility of love, wealth, health and happiness. With more than 19 copies sold worldwide, The Secret has been translated into 46 languages and now, you can buy it online in Gujarati.


The Secret, a self-help book is based on a DVD released initially in March 2006. The DVD or the film discussed how the universe is governed by the law of attraction and how an individual can attract experiences, situations or people that s/he want. This book by Rhonda Byrne is influenced from popular book, 'The Science of Getting Rich' by Wallace Wattles. This paperback edition in Gujarati begins by introducing and elucidating the concept of law of attraction- a natural law which is based on the premise of 'like attracts like.' Byrne asserts that what we think and feel has a corresponding frequency and attracts us the circumstances in the same frequency from the universe. Then, the book goes on to explain how the law can be used as a magnetic power by transforming thoughts. It outlines a three-step creative process- including ask, believe and receive. It has been derived from one of the famous quotes from The Bible.

Reaching the Zenith with The Secret

The Secret has a secret - it gives you the opportunity to unlock your potentials and reach your zenith, touch the horizons. The book has different chapters that describe how the law of attraction can be used in different areas of life, from wealth to relationships, health and job. A spiritual twist to the law helps in relating it to one's life and the world on a whole.

About the author

Australian television writer and producer, Rhonda Byrne is an Australian national popular for her book, The Secret. She has also penned its sequel The Power and another book, The Magic. Byrne was included in Time Magazine's list of 100 people who shaped the world in 2007. This book can be ordered online through ISBN 13- 9788183221986 and ISBN 10- 818322198X. All his books can be ordered online. Her books can be ordered online.

Features: The Secret

  • Self-Help
Product Details
Language Gujarati
Publication Date September 1, 2010
Publisher Manjul Publishing House
Contributor(s) Rhonda Byrne
Binding Paperback
Edition New
Page Count 216
ISBN 10 818322198X
ISBN 13 9788183221986
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