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The Secret - The Power

The Secret - The Power

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Language English
Binding Hardcover
Publisher Simon & Schuster

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Overall Rating 4.6 out of 5 stars
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     i am powerful now 10 April, 2014 On
    I can literally tell you with my eyes welled up with tears how miserable i found my life before becoming aware of this miraculous book by Rhonda Byrne that came to my rescue.Money problems , relationships,broken careers all seemed so inretrievable to meand tell you what, i ordered this book online for a pretty costly sum of 500.I found the very first pages boring but i kept reading them just to make up for WASTING 500 BUCKS(I dont regret cause i kept reading)and their was this power-the power of harnessing love for everything that transformed me within 3 hours of reading it.I became so positive and so full of energy that life started feeling so good. I feel grateful to
    everything now. I strongly recommend this book for all ages. The author has used simple english which makes it an easy read for everyone.Dear viewers and readers wealth is not everything instead you may have a maelstorm of conflicts churning up inside of you n its about how positive you are and this book will do that in minutes. You will have everything you desire for and which you deserve .Just read it with a smile and let the power wrap you!!
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