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The Selfish Gene (Indian Edition)

The Selfish Gene (Indian Edition)

Contributor(s) Richard Dawkins
Binding Paperback
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Overview: The Selfish Gene

When the book was first released in 1976, the Selfish Gene caused a lot of excitement. Biologists hailed it as a lucid explanation of a genes perception of life. The lucidity of the prose in combination with facts collected about nature's technique of natural selections sets the perspective about evolution.

A simple book with profound information

Written in simple and easy to understand language, The Selfish Gene is an easy read. It is widely regarded a masterpiece exposition of scientific writing. Almost all the insights brought forward in the book remain relevant in modern times. This book is for those interested in science and who want to read a book that is simple to understand.

The book introduces many aspects of our everyday life which go unnoticed. There is an absolute reinforcement about Darwin's theory of evolution. It essays a logical way of thinking about genetics. Dawkins, the author of the book, backs content with examples. Even the examples are engaging and amazingly support his facts.

A book that questions conventions

You read about siblings, how they are created. You have a better understanding on heredity. There are sections of the book that brings to perspective the roots of human psychology. You understand the way you behave and why.

The Selfish Gene is a build-up of Adaption and Natural Selection, the book by George C William. The term selfish-gene is to bring to focus that evolution is a product of gene-centric activity. Therefore, the title becomes relevant when discussing many altruism forms.

About the author

Clinton Richard Dawkins is an evolutionist and writer, who came to prominence with this book. He has written many other books. Some of them are A Devil's Chaplain, River out of Eden, and The Extended Phenotype. This paperback can be ordered online with ISBN no 10 of 0195690664 and ISBN no 13 of 9780195690668. Buy online one copy today!

Product Details
Publication Date January 1, 2012
Publisher Oxford University Press
Contributor(s) Richard Dawkins
Binding Paperback
ISBN 10 0195690664
ISBN 13 9780195690668
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  1.  Defining - both the book and the author! 10 April, 2013 On
    This book is a must read for anyone wanting to delve into science with a perspective of understanding nuances which go unread and ignored in school. Also, Dawkins brings to the table his absolute belief in Darwinism and manages to convince the reader that this, probably is the only logical way to think about evolution, the gene, genetics and life at large. Dawkins is lucid in his theory and studs it well with examples which inspite of the endless narrative do not get too boring or complicated for the uninitiated. Chapters on siblings and heredity in particular bring to light the roots of some fundamentals of human psychology and the way we behave. What takes the cake however in making this book an absolute darling is the title - the Selfish Gene, a concept which is made to play the protagonist in this book. I know four people already who couldn't stop at this book from Dawkins and went on to read 'The Blind Watchmaker' and 'The God Delusion'. It's a should-not-miss if you're into any serious reading.
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