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SQL Server Interview Questions

SQL Server Interview Questions

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But there's a second stronger reason for writing this book which stands taller than the readers demand and that is SQL Server itself. Almost 90 per cent projects in software industry need databases or persistent data in some or other form. When it comes to .NET persisting data SQL Server is the most preferred database to do it. There are projects which use Oracle, DB2 and other database product, but SQL Server still has the major market chunk when language is .NET and especially operating system is windows. I treat this great relationship between .NET, SQL Server and Windows OS as a family relationship. In my previous book we had only one chapter which was dedicated to SQL Server which is complete injustice to this beautiful product. So why an interview question book on SQL Server? If you look at any .NET interview conducted in your premises both parties (Employer and Candidate) pay no attention to SQL Server even though when it is such an important part of development project. They wi ... See more
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