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Set of 4 LED Tube Light

Set of 4 LED Tube Light

Brand Philips
Model Number T8 18 Watt
Material Aluminium
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Product Description

Every house and office requires a tube light. But it is also necessary to save up on your electricity bill and also to make things more environment friendly. Keeping this in mind, Philips comes up the latest technology in tube lights. The Philips T8 tube lights are all LED lights and they will illuminate your house of office and also cut down on electricity bills. These tube lights have a much longer life than regular tubes and they are durable as well. With these tube lights, you will be able to save over 50 per cent energy and you will also be able to save on maintenance cost. These tubes are more comfortable and will not be harmful for the eyes as well. So if you are looking to buy new tube lights fo your home or office, then you must check out the Set of 4 LED Tube Light from Philips. These are LED tubes and without compromising on quality, you will be able to save a lot of energy. They will light up your home or office and will last long as well. So why wait? Shop for the Philips Set of 4 LED Tube Lights online today and get them delivered to your home or office.

Product Features

The LED tube lights from Philips are highly reliable. They will provide you with their best performance from -35 degrees to 45 degree centigrade. Thus no matter how hot or cold it is, these tube will surely lit up your room. The controlled EMI and THD will ensure best performance even under extreme conditions. These tubes incorporate advanced, optical PC material that will provide you with smooth and soothing light all the time. They also come with CRI 80, from Philips and the material used to make them have a high reflectivity, which helps to improve efficiency. The T8 tube lights from Philips consume very less energy and thereby are highly energy efficient. With these tubes in your office or home, you will be able to save up more than 50 per cent, in energy consumption. Each of the tubes has a life cycle of 50 thousand switching cycles and thus they will last long and you will not have to look for a replacement any time soon. The tube lights, in combination with compatible sensor systems make them all the more energy saving ones.

Before buying tube lights, one thing that you should always keep in mind is the safety factor. Each of the Philips T8 tubes comes with a protection circuit that ensures safety even if not properly handles or used. They comply with the IEC safety requirements and thus they are perfectly safe for use anywhere. All the tibes are well insulated and they have all undergone and passed the 4KV high-pot test. Apart from the 4KV high-pot test, each Philips LED tube also undergoes the 2KV surge test. Thus these tubes will easily withstand and survive voltage problems and will also survive lightning strikes. So you will not have to switch these tubes off if it is thundering outside as they will easily survive a lightning strike. The major advantage of the tubes is that they are not made of glass. Glass is brittle and with glass tubes, you may often end up buying more tubes that you need to. But with these tubes, you will not have to worry about breakage. The tubes do not contain any mercury either, unlike a lot of other tubes. They will fit perfectly in your existing tube light sockets and you will not have to get a new connection to get them fitted. All you need to do is connect them to the existing tube sockets and switch them on. These tubes are widely used in homes, schools, offices, stores, shopping malls, hospitals, parking lots, public areas and warehouses. So you do not have to think twice before opting for this set of 4 Philips LED tube lights.

This particular set contains four tube lights and thus this combo pack is highly convenient. Once you buy this set, you will be able o lit four rooms at once and stay worry free for long. So why wait? Buy Philips LED tube light online.

Key highlights

Soothing light

No glass design

Easy fitting

Save over 50 per cent energy

Cut down on electricity bill

Product Features

  • Long Life unto 40,000 Hours
  • Instant Start
  • Wide Voltage Range 110 Vac to 270Vac
  • Zero Maintenance
  • use Existing Fittings- No Choke & Starter Required
Product Details
Manufacturer Philips
Brand Philips
Model Number T8 18 Watt
Material Aluminium
Wattage 18 Watts
Item Package Quantity 4
Technical Specification
Power Source AC

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