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Language English
Binding Paperback
Publisher Little, Brown Book Group
The book, Shantaram, begins with the entry of a man bearing a New Zealand passport that identifies him as 'Lindsay' into downtown Mumbai (Bombay). He is actually an escaped convict from Australia, who flees to a strange land to lose himself and start his life all over again. On his first day in Mumbai he meets a tout guide, a young man named Prabaker. Prabaker's irrepressibly ebullient personality and his intimate knowledge of the city brings him close to Lin (as he calls Lindsay). Prabaker soon becomes Lin's friend and guide in the strange city. He teaches Lin how to converse in Marathi, the language of the region. Adjusting to a new way of life, Lin, for a while, settles down in a remote region of the city, one of the poorest areas, and sets up an illicit health clinic there. Meanwhile, he also gets to know the street life of Bombay in all its varied hues, the beggars and prostitutes, the holy men and the gangsters, the actors and soldiers, and Indians and exiles. Meanwhile, Lin meet ... See more
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