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Shark Tale

Shark Tale

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Format DVD
DVD Regions Former Soviet Union, Indian subcontinent, Africa, North Korea, and Mongolia
Actor(s) Angelina Jolie, robert De Niro, will Smith, renee Zellweger
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Product Description

Shark Tale is an American computer animated film released in the year 2004. This comedy film was directed by Vicky Jenson, Rob Letterman and Bibo Bergeron. It was produced by DreamWorks Animation. This movie is essentially the story of Oscar, a young fish. He makes a false claim of having killed the shark mob boss' son. He does so in order to gain the favour of the enemies of this mob boss and also to get famous. Made on a budget of 75 million dollars, it has a run time of 91 minutes. The film went on to make a whopping 367,275,019 dollars at the box office. If you wish get the Shark Tale DVD, then you can check out the Junglee website. You will find various retailers offering animation movies listed there. This enables you to compare prices and then put in your money. Online shopping saves you time as well, since the product will be packed and delivered right at your doorstep.

A fun and compact plot connects with the audience

The plot of this movie revolves around Oscar. He is basically a bluestreak cleaner wrasse, who is not doing too well and dreams about getting all famous and rich. He works as a tongue scrubber at the Whale Wash in his locality. One day when he comes to work, his boss, Sykes, calls him to discuss about 5,000 clams that he owes. He needs to return it the very next day. Oscar gets the money by pawning the pink pearl of his best friend, Angie's grandmother. He then comes to the race track to meet his boss, and somehow finds himself lured into placing a bet there. Lola, a beautiful lionfish notices this and seduces Oscar, but she leaves on hearing that he is a whale washer. Oscar loses the bet eventually, and he is tortured and electrocuted by Sykes' jellyfish thugs. This is spotted by Frankie, the son of the shark crime lord. He asks his vegetarian brother, Lenny, to attack. In the process, Frankie gets killed by an anchor that falls on him. Everyone flees the spot then, except Oscar, who is mistakenly held responsible for Frankie's murder. However, instead of defending himself, Oscar decides to make the most of this situation in order to gain fame. The movie continues and you see Oscar returning to a life of luxury and grandeur, and how people dote on him. Later the shark crime lord also realises that Oscar is not a shark slayer.

A prestigious cast adds to the film's repertoire

This movie has a prestigious cast to its credit, who lent their voice to the characters. Will Smith as Oscar, Jack Black as Lenny, a closeted vegetarian shark. Martin Scorsese lends his voice as Sykes, the pufferfish. Robert De Niro lends his voice as Don Lino, the great white shark and Lenny and Frankie's father. Renee Zellweger lends her voice as Angie, the angelfish and Angelina Jolie as Lola, the seductive lionfish. Michael Imperioli lends his voice as Frankie, the white shark who got killed.

An amalgamation of artists whip up the musical notes

The Shark Tale: Motion Picture Soundtrack first hit the market on 21st September, 2004. It essentially consists of a unique blend of music recorded by various artists. The likes of Will Smith, Christina Aguilera, Ludacris, Justin Timberlake with Timbaland, Mary J Blige and JoJo contributed to it.

Product Details
Theatrical Release Date January 1, 2004
Format DVD
DVD Regions Former Soviet Union, Indian subcontinent, Africa, North Korea, and Mongolia
Genre Kids & family - animation & cartoons
Censor Rating U (Universal)
Actor(s) Angelina Jolie, robert De Niro, will Smith, renee Zellweger
Director(s) Vicky Jenson
Producer(s) Bill Damaschke
No of Discs 1
Runtime 1 minute
Studio Big Music

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Overall Rating 4.4 out of 5 stars
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  1.  somewhat disappointing! 30 December, 2013 On
    with big and well-known names such as will smith, Robert De Nero, Renee zellwegger, Angelina Jolie, Ziggy Marley, and Katie couric involved in this animated film, i felt that this movie was going to at least come close to finding nemo, a masterpiece that is and always will be the leader of the "under-the-sea" type animation. shark tale was somewhat disappointing and i did not notice anything hilariously funny about it. in this film, a fish (voice of will smith that wants to make a name for himself in society believing that he is a loser.. coincidentally, while trying to escape a shark, he ends up "killing" it (it was really just an accident). however, the other fish believe that he actually killed the shark and he receives fame and glory as the "shark slayer." anxious for the chance to be somebody, this fish plays along and uses it to his advantage. the most ridiculous part is the fact that these sharks are actually afraid of this puny fish. however, this is nothing compared to will smith's role at the end of this moving in mending the relationship between a father shark and his son who chose a vegetarian lifestyle instead of being like the other sharks. the only "funny" parts in this movie involve the shrimp who appear a few times (at least in think they are shrimp). after seeing finding nemo, this movie was definitely a disappointment.
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