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Sheetal Hand Press Juicer (Citrus Fruits)

Sheetal Hand Press Juicer (Citrus Fruits)

Brand Sheetal
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Overview: Sheetal Hand Press Juicer (Citrus Fruits)

With summers on the run a glass of juice is sure to kickstart your day with energy. A glass of juice is a complete diet in itself with full of vitamin, nutrients, fibres and above all taste. If you thought that preparing juice in this hectic schedule was next to impossible, then its time to give it a second thought. Sheetal brings you a manual juicer which can certainly change your mind. Sheetal Hand Press Citrus Juicer is surely going to prove to be a friendly home appliance as it will help you to maintain a healthy and balanced diet without disturbing your daily schedule. With this appliance you will be able to make juicing fun and easy. This juicer is not only going to reduce your efforts but at the same time it saves you from that extra burden of electricity bills. It is completely manual and can be easily operated by all age groups. In today's health conscious world everyone is worried about their health but have no time for it. Sheetal has taken a short step by launching its new product. Juice has it own benefits. It helps your body to detoxify and gives glow to your skin the juicer will soon become your best friend as it is sturdy and has greater longevity.

Product features

Buy Sheetal Hand Press Citrus Juicer online as this is specially designed for juicing citrus fruits such as oranges, limes and pomegranates .The common problem that the consumers often come across while juicing is that the seed gets grinded along with the pulp turning your juice bitter and inedible. Keeping this in mind Sheetal's juicer has been characteristically designed and has a sieve attached to the nozzle thus relieving you from an extra burden of deseeding a fruit before juicing. The best thing about this product is that it does not work on electricity, thus, cutting down on the electricity bill. It is safe to use and does not need any parental guidance. Even kids at your home can handle it easily. Shop Sheetal Hand Press Citrus Juicer online and get a glass full of health in a minute.

Benefits of this Juicer

This is a completely portable appliance and can be easily used any where. Be it your kitchen, dining room it can even be carried to other places. It does not run on electricity so you needn't worry about the power failure during summers. You can get litres of juice in no time. It is absolutely sound proof and does not disturb others. So you can enjoy glass of fresh juice even in late hours too without disturbing others. You might have always thought of providing the right diet to your family and kids, this juicer will help you to put your plan into action. The juicer comes with few exclusive features and can give competition to any branded juicers in the market.

Easy usage and cleaning

This is a totally fuss free product and juicing will no more be a messy job.. This juicer comes with easy cleaning and disposal, this juicer mixer grinder has a separate juice outlet and the juice flows out from there. Unlike other juicers where the sieve gets blocked by the pulp after few uses, this juicer is not covered and you can easily see through the process. This will prevent the juice from overflowing. You can put any jar of your specification and get the juice at one go. It is made of steel and you will be free from the worries of rust or any other damage. Wiping it with a damp cloth after juicing is all that is needed. All the pulp gets collected in one place and can be easily disposed off. As far as the fruits are concerned you not need to spend time chopping them. The nozzle for pouring the fruits is wide enough and an orange, apple or other fruits will easily fit as a whole. Bring this home today and get a daily doze of freshness for yourself.

Product Details
Brand Sheetal

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