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Shilpas Yoga - (In English)

Shilpas Yoga - (In English)

Format Video CD
Actor(s) Shilpa Shetty
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Product Description

Shilpa's Yoga is a fitness video CD comprising of yoga lessons taught by the dazzling actress Shilpa Shetty herself. In this fitness video CD, Shilpa Shetty focusses on the finer aspects of Pranayama and yoga. Known for her trim and lean yet feminine figure, Shilpa Shetty has become a fitness icon all over the country. She attributes her health and looks to Yoga and has decided to spread the importance of yoga through this fitness video.


In this album, Shilpa Shetty exhibits some regular asanas at first so that non-yoga practitioners can familiarize themselves with the exercises. She then proceeds to demonstrate other complex poses and pranayama routines. If you are a beginner, a little knowledge about these poses will help you before you try them out. The poses are divided into several categories depending upon the part of the body that the asanas focus on. Through this video, you will get to learn 35 asanas. These asanas are divided into stomach asanas, sitting asanas, back asanas, neck asanas, shoulder asanas, and standing asanas.

Technical Detail

This album only has one disc and the content is in the video-CD format. The CD will work perfectly on your video player. You can even listen to the content while driving or travelling if you have a portable video player. The CD was created in the Hindi language, but this edition has been released in the English language for a broader audience. The CD has been released by Shemaroo and has a run time of 72 minutes. It is rated U for a suitable audience.

About the Artist

The person behind these exercises, Shilpa Shetty, first trained herself in the practice of yoga before having complete faith in her abilities to heal and improve health and fitness of her fellow-man. The video shows how yoga has kept Shilpa fit and cool in the midst of a stressful lifestyle. She points out the advantages of learning yoga to those who are always on the move and cannot afford to go to gyms and exercise on a regular basis. The video has been shot on many beautiful locations of Kerala. The video is accompanied by soft and soothing music that helps create a mood. Shilpa's Yoga was released in 2008 by Shemaroo Entertainment. You simply have to order online for the CD and we will have it delivered to you at your doorstep.

Product Details
Theatrical Release Date January 1, 2008
Format Video CD
Genre Exercise & fitness - yoga, exercise & fitness
Actor(s) Shilpa Shetty
No of Discs 2

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  1.  One Place to achieve a Healthy Body! 3 August, 2013 On
    Shilpa's yoga is one place where you can learn different forms of yoga postures and breathing techniques to lead a healthy life. The instructions given are very detailed and easy to follow. It's specially crafted for beginners in mind. The asanas are shown once and asked to follow one cycle for each of them initially. Each section concentrates on different parts of the body. For eg: I follow abs asanas one day and then upper and lower body on other days. The video is very well done with good music and soft voice which will soothe your body and mind. I am doing it 5 days in a week and already seeing the results!
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