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Rasayan Vati - 60Pills - (Rajvaidya)

Rasayan Vati - 60Pills - (Rajvaidya)

Colour Blue
Target Gender Unisex
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Overview: Rasayan Vati - 60pills -

RAJ VAIDYA presents RASAYAN VATI, one of the best Ayurvedic treatments for sexual wellness. RAJ VAIDYA is one of the oldest and most well known Ayurvedic manufacturers of personal care and health care products. They manufacture over 250 products in innumerable categories. RASAYAN VATI has a numerous benefits for men. It enhances and fine tunes the musculature of the genitor of the urinary system and establishes strong erection of the penis. It decreases the over enthusiasm and increases the length of intercourse until the total satisfaction of the couple. It cleans the overall genitor urinary tract and keeps it disinfected and full of health. Androgenic work of RASAYAN VATI enhances the quality and amount of the semen. RASAYAN VATI has anti-anaemic and anti-appetizing effects. Its effect on the nervous system heals the psychosexual impotency, anxiety, fatigue, depression and insomnia. In this age of high voltage completion, a person needs to be healthy, physically, mentally and sexually. Weakness in any department can become a reason can take you many steps backwards. So gain strength and take an edge over others.

Deal with Hormonal Imbalance

While there are infinite medicines for physical and mental problems, the sexual problems are not much discussed. If a person has to excel today he should gain over all fitness only then will he be able to concentrate on his work. RASAYAN VATI is the best treatment because it is Ayurvedic and Ayurveda treats the overall body condition instead of just concentrating on the disease. It purifies the body while correcting the imbalance of toxins. It utilizes various herbs, a combination of herbal minerals, massage, yoga and meditation to heal a person physically, mentally and spiritually. It is for this reason that there are no side effects. The 60 capsules contain - Loha Bhasm, Abharak Bhasm, Mukta Pishti and Javitri. So add RASAYAN VATI to your cart and get ready to take on the world.

Product Details
Manufacturer Rajvaidya Shital Prasad & Sons
Brand Rajvaidya Shital Prasad & Sons
Model Number Dn-2564
Colour Blue
Target Gender Unisex
Theme Rasayan Vati pills, pills, rasayan vati, rasayan pills, Raj vaidya

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