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Toro Electric Roti Maker

Toro Electric Roti Maker

Brand Shopgenx
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Overview: Toro Electric Roti Maker

One thing that you prefer eating just-served is 'rotis' or chapattis. Making this particular food item has a long process and requires a lot of time. Unlike other dishes, where you can leave it to be cooked, chappatis need to be given special care and cannot be left unattended for even a minute. Indian women spend half of their time in the kitchen, preparing food. With the changing times, we have found lots of appliances to make our lives easier. As it has become difficult to take out time for preparing dishes, serving them hot is something that cannot be imagined. This Toro Electric Roti Maker by Shopgenx is here to help you with the household responsibilities that you are accounted to. With the help of this roti maker, you will be able to prepare rotis in the least possible time. You will easily have time to concentrate on your career as well as on your cooking without compromising with your responsibilities.

Product Features

This appliance works on electricity and is completely safe. Bring it home and it will make your lives easier than ever before. It is the easiest possible way and you will not have to go through the long and messy process of preparing a roti. Kneading the dough itself consumes more than half of the time and when you have to roll it smoothly using a roller and then cook it on top of a pan or tava, it becomes really tiring. When you buy Toro Electric Roti Maker online you get the atta maker with this package. With the help of this atta maker kneading will be equally easy and quick. You will only have to fill the container with flour and add water at intervals. Make sure you keep stirring the dough till it is thick and ready to be rolled. This is a complete set and an ideal gift for a newly wed bride or at house warming party. For people who are not too much into cooking this product will be a bliss as they cannot roll the perfect round shapes. This roti maker will enable her to make soft and round rotis without putting in much effort. All you need to do is take out time to knead the dough. Then you will have to make small rolls of dough and put the rolls gently inside the roti maker. Before putting the rolls make sure the roti maker is heated. Once you close the lid of the roti maker the rolls will spread evenly in a proper circle. This appliance will make the process less complicated and you can conveniently manage making rotis under any circumstances. This is one unique product that technology has to offer. You also get a casserole with this package to store the rotis in fresh condition.

Benefits of a Roti Maker

It is good for not only the working women, but also for those who have to manage a large family. It is portable and not too heavy, you can easily plug it in the most convenient place. Be it in the drawing room or dining room, you can use it at any place where a switch board is present. Shop roti maker online and save plenty of time as well as efforts. In summers this will prove to be your best possession as it will prevent you from the pricking heat of flames. It is also useful for the beauty conscious women as it will prevent your skin from the excessive heat. This can cause tanning as well premature aging. You can even use it under the fan and prevent yourself from sweating. It reduces the chances of accidents as well. The handles have plastic coating and you will not burn your hands while dealing with it. This Electric Roti maker will make rolling chapattis easier than you ever thought. It allows you to make thin, soft and perfectly circular chapattis in no time and that too effortlessly. The plates are non stick and you will not have to worry about the chappatis getting stuck with the plates. The dough can be prepared with any consistency. You will not have to prepare it differently. The appliance has a handle that makes it easy to press the plates together. The handles have plastic cover and you will not have to worry about burning your hands. It is light in weight and the dough is pressed evenly spreading it in circular shape with even thickness. With less time and energy, you will be able to make as many rotis as you want. These chapattis remain soft for long time.

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Brand Shopgenx

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