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Shree Satyanarayan Katha - Hindi

Shree Satyanarayan Katha - Hindi

Format Audio CD
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Product Description


Shree Satyanarayan pooja is a household ritual in large parts of India and is performed to express one�s gratitude to the Lord Vishnu when people achieve something in life. However, most people have to depend on pundits to perform the pooja. Most of us are not aware of the Shree Satyanarayan katha. To equip devotees with the complete knowledge about Shree Satyanarana, Pandit Narndra Sharma has brought out this very helpful CD.

The Set

It contains Shree Satyanarayana Katha accompanied by lyrics (Geet). There is only one audio CD in it and it contains 11 tracks containing bhajans and recitations. The songs have been composed by Shree Krishna Chakravorty while the whole compilation has been conceptualized and made possible by Pandit Narendra Sharma. What made this painstaking compilation possible is his dedication to India�s national slogan of Satyamev Jayate, and national ideal of Satyam Shivam Sundaram.

The Tracks

The tracks in the CD are �Shri Satyanarayan Pooja, Shri Satyanarayan katja, Shri Satyanarayan Sharan, Satya ka jag me jayjaykar, Sajyati Shri Gannayak Vardayk He, Hari Ke Gun Ga, Bhag-2, Shrihari katha anant ant nahi paiye, Satyadipak Baliye, Hari Ke Gun Ga, Bhag-1. Most of the songs have been rendered by the late singer Manna Dey while Smt kavita Krishnamurti, Pt Narendra Sharma and Pt. Vinod Sharma have also rendered one apiece.

Product Details
Format Audio CD

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