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Sid Meier's Civilization V: Gods & Kings-Game

Sid Meier's Civilization V: Gods & Kings-Game

Manufacturer 2K Games
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Manufacturer 2K Games

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  1.  A fine addition to a great game 5 September, 2013 On
    This expansion for Civilization V introduces two main new feature: religion and espionage. Religion is a great addition: you can build up faith points by building certain buildings (temple), from world wonders (Mt Sinai) and from religious city states (Vatican City). When you have enough faith, you are able to found a religion with a number of key bonuses you get to choose based on the number of cities and people following that religion. The interesting part is that there are always fewer religions than civs in the world, so it adds tension in the early game to foudn and spread your religion quickly. Religion can also make a huge difference for all of the victory conditions, if you plan your strategy well.

    Espionage is not quite as fleshed out, but is still a nice addition. At a certain point in the game you will receive your first spy. Spies can be used to either steal technologies from another civ or improve relations with a city state. While not a total game changer, it is certainly nice to have the option to gain ground scientifically and diplomatically without investing heavily in either.

    With this expansion you also get a handful of new units, technoogies ans buildings as well as almost a dozen new civs. None feel over or underpowered; they all fit nicely into the game and Firaxis continues to deliver the high production values you've come to expect from them.

    As a huge fan of Civ V, this was an easy purchase for me. I'm sunk hundreds of hours into civ V and Gods and Kings only makes me hungry for more.
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