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Siemens Hearing Aid Lotus 12 SP BTE

Siemens Hearing Aid Lotus 12 SP BTE

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Overview: Siemens Hearing Aid Lotus 12 Sp Bte


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Siemens Hearing Aid Lotus 12 SP BTE is a ready-to-wear and completely digital hearing aid. It provides super high power audibility for people with medium to high degrees of hearing loss.

Superior hearing technology

This device features the latest trimmer technology. The digital decibel amplifying capabilities of the device are pronounced. For wearers, they experience superior sound quality. Added to the fact that this product is competitively priced, makes it accessible to all.

Comfortable hearing

The feedback elimination system provides comfortable hearing. The sound processing chip is 100% digital. Sound distortions are low or negligible or non-existent. Noise digit acoustic fidelity output is negligible as well.

Robust design

The device has a robust design and is moisture-proof. Therefore, no matter how humid the environment is, moisture content will not percolate into the device. The rocker volume control allows the wearer to adjust the volume settings. It can be set high when outdoors and low when indoors. The device can be used in conjunction with FM language teaching system. Order online this device to get superior audibility

Features: Siemens Hearing Aid Lotus 12 Sp Bte

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  1.  Siemens small invisible tiny customised hearing aid in Kolkata 21 October, 2013 On
    Eclipse Deep Fit Canal C.I.C. Hearing Aids
    The disappearing act.

    Eclipse� puts the most advanced hearing technology exactly where it belongs: out of sight. It�s tiny in size, and perfectly hidden in your ears, yet delivers excellent sound quality. Our most sophisticated device, Eclipse is the ultimate in discreet hearing instruments. The times where you may have worried that others would notice your hearing instrument are over. You can relax. We made it disappear. Discover Eclipse now! Eclipse - ear cross-section


    Ultra discreet Completely-In-the-Canal (CIC) hearing instrument Deep placement in the bony canal � invisible from the outside Eclipse - hearing-aids pair


    Special designed Soft Dome, extremely comfortable and easily exchangeable Soft Dome available in two colors: red for the right ear and blue for the left (no risk of confusion) Features the latest BestSound Technology Computerized design enables a particularly small construction Eclipse - dome positioning


    Smallest handcrafted Deep Fit CIC Optimal perception of own voice, most natural sound No occlusion effect (a sensation similar to holding the ears closed)
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