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SigmaDP2 Merrill Compact Digital Camera

SigmaDP2 Merrill Compact Digital Camera

Brand Sigma
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Overview: SigmaDP2 Merrill Compact

If you wish to buy a simple and compact camera with decent features, the Sigma DP2 Merrill Compact Digital Camera could be a great choice. This is a compact designed camera with large APS-C sized sensor, which is used in heavier and larger compact system cameras as well as DSLR models. Thus, it shows greater promise and provides better quality of images than any other compact that you might have seen. This DP2 Merrill comes with 46 megapixel Foveon X3 sensor, which is beyond any normal resolution. It has the flagship SD1 DSLR and redesigned 30mm fixed lens with faster aperture of f/2.8, 3 inch TFT color monitor with 920k dots, Dual TRUE II image processing engine, full range creative shooting modes, external hotshoe, manual focus ring, RAW format support and Quick Set button. This is the new generation camera that has all the features and more.

The DP2, when seen outwardly, follows all the basic generic compact digital camera template and has a rectangular body, which is gently curved at the edges. It has lens barrel that protrudes from the front part of the camera. This camera has been deigned to stretch its dimensions to go beyond all the basic parameters in terms of design. It has 5 inches wide body that accounts the attachment lug for camera strap, and is 2.75 inches tall with 1.25 inches in depth. The lens will add 1.4 inches to its depth on the left front part of the body. It is ideal for the jacket pocket and not shirt pocket, which is something that users should keep in mind while using this camera. You can now buy Sigma DP2 Merrill Compact Digital Camera online and this camera can be obtained at a great price.

The Sigma DP2 Merrill has a sleek and compact body with controls and ergonomics just in place. It has rectangular body in matte black paint, which is smooth to handle. It doesn't have any overt design features for promoting firmer grip. In addition, there is also a smaller pattern with raised dots on this camera back that gives you thumb rest while shooting. Take a look at this camera and you will surely love its design. It has perfect shape and the size is decent for any camera. You can also have easy access to all the controls on this camera, especially the ones at the back.

The layout of controls on this camera is simple and very well thought. The top part of the camera's body features several buttons and shutter as well and there is a command dial attached to it. The LCD display shows a 3 inch monitor that has been arrayed vertically, close to the monitor so that you can easily access different functions of this camera. Also, like most camera, this Sigma DP2 Merrill also features excellent menu for quick navigation, which makes it easier to use. After all, we only want a user-friendly camera today, which will help us accomplish our tasks with ease. You should check out the settings and other features of this camera to find out all that it can do for you in one shot. That makes this extremely sophisticated camera a must buy. You can shop Sigma DP2 Merrill Compact Digital Camera online.

There are some basic shooting modes associated with this camera, which makes it easier to use. As users, you can select from manual, vide, shutter priority, aperture priority, program auto and three other custom settings. You will be able to use all these settings the way you like it. Consider the display and viewfinder of this camera, which are both excellent and unique in functions. You will surely have no complains in this area. The display has 920k dots with a decent 3 inch LCD monitor and seven brightness ranges, all adjustable. You can now compose your images and review them before taking out hardcopies. There is an optical viewfinder in this camera, which is optional. You may choose to use it or avoid it. Overall, this SIMGA is a great choice.

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Brand Sigma

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