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Signoraware Executive Round (Medium)

Signoraware Executive Round (Medium)

Brand Signoraware
Model Number 728
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Overview: Signoraware Executive Round (Medium)

Signoraware is perhaps one of the most determined brands that provide some of the best products to our global markets today. With its experience of more than three decades, the company has successfully launched some of the best quality of microwave crockery, which is not just good in quality but also the most economical in terms of price. They have used the most efficient and advanced technology and computerized designs to come up with really great quality storage units for your day to day use. Also, they have successfully maintained a fair and competitive pricing strategy. With proper R & D section in CNC machines, Signoraware has been designing as well as developing their new range of moulds using the most promising and advanced technology. This is the Signoraware Executive Round (Medium) you can buy for your regular use.

The Medium Signoraware Executive Round is ideal for carrying light snacks, such as chips, biscuits or fruits that have been cut. You can now carry this container for work. This is an executive model that comes from the house of Signoraware and is made out of premium quality plastic, which also offers excellent durability. This particular container also comes with special liquid tight round seal, which is an added advantage to prevent spillage of food, especially if you are carrying something like gravy or curry. Because it is a round bowl, you can use it easily for carrying vegetables, curd, dal, snacks, and biscuits too. There are different colors available for this Medium Signoraware Executive Round, which includes blue, red, pink and white. So, if you have been looking for a perfect container that you can carry to your office daily, this would be a great choice. You can simply Buy Signoraware Executive Round (Medium) online.

There are some really great features of this Signoraware Executive Round (Medium) container. First of all, it is made of superior quality plastic to prevent any toxic effect and to make the containers durable too. Since Signoraware is a renowned brand with so many decades of experience, they have always aspired to give you great quality and excellent price. For regular tiffin, office lunch and other purposes, there's no other container that can give you such great service at this price. You can easily go ahead and Shop Signoraware Executive Round (Medium) online. You will be able to start using this product right from the moment you have it in your hand. However, remember that before storing any cooked food in this container, you should allow the food to come down to room temperature. It is best to avoid storing hot liquid or food in the container.

All the containers that come from the brand Signoraware are well designed. They are made to be really attractive and durable for all purpose storage. You just need to care for it a little and you will be able to make sure that the containers remain fresh forever. Every time you use it, it will be as fresh as new. It is also very easy to maintain these containers. As a matter of fact, you can wash and clean very easily at home and even rinse these products with some liquid soap and lukewarm water. for any kinds of stains that may be seen inside the container, you can use a paste made out of baking soda and water to remove stains as well as stickiness from curries and gravies. Because these containers are made from good quality plastic, there is no risk of bad odors forming inside the containers. However, you should still make it a point to keep it clean and dry at all times.

Signoraware containers have a brand reputation and image. They come in vibrant colors to match your mood. With your changing mood, you can carry a new colored container for lunch to your office. This is a medium sized container that would be perfect for regular office goers. As a matter of fact, you can also pack your children's tiffin in these containers.

Features: Signoraware Executive Round (Medium)

  • Special liquid tight round seal prevents spillage of curries|Round bowl can be used for curd,dal,vegetables,snacks. biscuits etc|Color & Design : As available|Dimension : Dia - 117mm,H - 59mm|Capacity / Size: +/- 310 ML
Product Details
Brand Signoraware
Model Number 728

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