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Signoraware Easy Flow (Oil / Liquid Dispenser) - 1.1 Litres

Signoraware Easy Flow (Oil / Liquid Dispenser) - 1.1 Litres

Brand Signoraware
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Overview: Signoraware Easy Flow (Oil / Liquid Dispenser) - 1.1 Litres

Have you ever felt the inexplicable need to be totally and completely away from this world, and curl up with a cup of your favourite drink, be it hot or cold with a blanket and a book and be lost in your own little fantasy world for the rest of your time? Have you ever wanted to just enjoy a mug of hot chocolate on the terrace without worrying about anything and wished you had that perfect mug to have it in? Have you ever wondered what it is like to own something desirable and unique and to feel like it's the one thing in the world that justifies the idea that small things make the most wonderful memories? If you think any of these is true, or if you're just looking for your next tea or hot cocoa dispenser, you're finally at the right spot! Here, in the world where everything is too complex or too weird, we bring to you the ultimate answer to all your beverage needs! One simple jug to hold them all friends, we have the Signoraware Easy Flow (Oil / Liquid Dispenser) - 1.1 Litres!

About the Product

Is it glass? Is it plastic? Could it be any simpler? Could it be any more perfect! Yes, everyone who needs one jug for it all, your prayers have finally been answered. The Signoraware Easy Flow (Oil / Liquid Dispenser) - 1.1 Litres is the perfect blend of glass and plastic, a glass body that is both durable and classy with a handle that stays cool no matter how warm the drink you pour into it gets. But that's not all. This jug is your all purpose saviour, for it goes everywhere and it survives. You can use this to dispense any kind of liquid you please, be it oil or water or just some juice and you can share it with everyone you love, or turn it into your personal dispenser. Its all up to you! Stick it into the dishwasher, or put it into the freezer because you want your water freezing, this mug will see it all and then some. The Signoraware Easy Flow (Oil / Liquid Dispenser) - 1.1 Litres, is a vibrant colour and it comes with its own special box, in case you want to keep it tucked away in the corner so it doesn't get used by someone else!

About the Manufacturer

Signoraware is an enterprise that primarily manufactures Kitchen tools, appliances and utensils. It is new to the production of mixed material products, being among the first to start plastic ladles and spoon sets which later transformed the cutlery industry and has slowly helped turned the world into plastic consumers.

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Features: Signoraware Easy Flow (Oil / Liquid Dispenser) - 1.1 Litres

  • Can be used for pouring refined oil,muster oil or other type of liquid
  • Very convenient to carry juices,lassi,rasna & other liquid concentrate for picnic / outdoor
  • Saves oil wastage.
  • Color & Design : As available
  • Capacity / Size: +/- 1.1 Litres
Product Details
Brand Signoraware

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