Simply Jane - Greatest Hits

Simply Jane - Greatest Hits

Format Audio CD
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With their own twist,SIMPLY JANE captures the timeless elements of classic rock...the sing along melodies, universal stories and hands-in-the-air choruses. The band's eclectic line-up of musical histories combine to produce a sound best described as Melissa Etheridge singing Rolling Stones lyrics over AC/DC guitar hooks! Listen to their DEBUT album, "Greatest Hits,"and you will get a definite feeling of being at the start of something big.
Product Details
Publication Date March 11, 2002
Format Audio CD
Music Label Simply Jane
No of Discs 1

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About the Artist

Simply Jane has attracted a strong fan base this year following the release of their debut album,"Greatest Hits". Several Singles off this album are being played by rock radio stations across the west. "The definition for'simply' is absolute,pure, and unadulterated and that's our music," says the band's lead vocalist, Jana Davis.Adds Shawn day,bassist for the band: "Simply Jane is obviously rock n roll,yet very intimate.When the listener and the player meet in the middle,that's when our music really starts to grow." "We're a bunch of misfits,"Davis says with a laugh."There aren't a lot of female role models in rock n roll, which has always bothered me. Everytime you try a new step you are cubed into a mold...that a female singer should sing and behave a certain way. You're never one of the 'boys',"Davis says."But I have always been a tomboy, and when it's time to perform it's time to expose yourself completely. There is no pretentiousness. You take the armor off. When Janis Joplin performed, she performed like a rock star, not a lady," she continues. "I love being feminine and I love being sexy, but also part of the package is going crazy, having the guts to 'jump off' and have fun...I think it comes out in the music."

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