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Sindhi Footwear Women's Blue Suede Sandals - 8 UK (SU-123_Blue_41)
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Sindhi Footwear Women's Blue Suede Sandals - 8 UK (SU-123_Blue_41)

Brand Sindhi Footwear
Size 8
Material Leather
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Product Description

Sindhi Footwear Blue Women Suede Sandals

Product description

A women with good pair of shoes is never ugly' and 'Behind every successful women is a great pair of shoes' are always true. When an attractive person is see, he/she is first looked down to their pair of shoes. Who would not like a person who has a great taste in selecting their foot wear. Similarly, any attractive person loses his pride if his shoes are bad. To get rid of these impressions is this shoe for women from Sindhi.

Product specification

These blue shoes from Sindhi that have flat heels and attractive black combination base are attractive set of shoes for all age women. The sandal has its heels covered, protecting them from cracks and other skin problems, keeping it clean and young. While the finger area is slightly exposed, the part following it is covered with the soft leather that is colored in blue suiting any colored bottoms worn by the girl.

The shoe is not fully flat and not fully heeled and is comfortable for women who do not like wearing tip toe heels. The sandals have flat heels, and the base is black in color, that gives a shining look. The other part of the foot is covered by a black X like design, made of leather. This gives a grip to the foot and does not affect the foot as the leather is soft and skin friendly. From college girls to working women, this sandal is a plus for all women because of its design and hence is used for daily wears also. The sandal has to be allowed to expand for three days, after the day of purchase and can be used after that for better use.

Since it is slightly elastic, the shoe is comfortable and expands according to the size of the foot and stops expanding accordingly. The material with which the leather is made up off is called as suede, a kind of soft leather that has a finely finished look. The gripness is maintained even if this is worn in heavy rain and flood. The water and flood does not bring any bad effect on this leather, unlike other shoes that brings a rotten smell to the shoes. The suede and the other normal leather with which the base of the shoe is made off, is durable and supports all seasons.

About the manufacturer

Sindhi footwear has its origin from North India and are the manufacturers of all kinds of foot wears. From producing normal daily wear footwear to party wears with thread and stone work done on it, their products are worth the cost. They produce not very expensive but long lasting foot wear and are also available in all leading websites. This shoe is hence easily suggested for all aged women, for any occasion. The sandal is also available in various colors and sizes.

This brand runs by the motto of customer satisfaction. Hence, all their products are released in the market keeping under consideration the latest national and international trends, making sure that the customers get nothing but the best, in terms of quality! When it comes to the fashion industry, or the industry involving apparels, accessories from the domain of clothing and footwear, change is the only constant! Hence, evolving and adopting becomes a need of the hour! This is where this particular product displays all the right ticks. And so, apart from giving you an aura of style and a sense of sophistication, this will also optimize your fashion quotient significantly. Ergo, its time to satisfy your senses right now!

Avail some fantastic prices and visit right now before the offer runs out. What are you waiting for? brings this product to you at a very exclusive rate. It would only be logical to act fast and act now! Make sure you read all the necessary details including the terms and conditions, before bagging this product for good. Hope you had a happy shopping experience.

Product Details
Manufacturer Part Number SU-123_Blue_41
Brand Sindhi Footwear
Size 8
Material Leather

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