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Sivaji - The Boss

Sivaji - The Boss

Language Hindi
Format DVD
DVD Regions All regions
Actor(s) Shreya Saran, suman, rajnikanth, vivek
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Product Description

The unmasked person is revealed to be Sivaji.He brings with him earnings of up to 200 crore, with an intention to begin a charity organization called the Sivaji Foundation. This organization has the aim of building hospitals and educational institutions to serve the poor without any charge. However, he faces the obstacles of bureaucracy and corrupt officials. Forced to set aside his principles, Sivaji bribes his way through the system. Though at one stage, unable to deal with spiraling costs, he even mortgages his palatial house and personal property in the process. Adiseshan , a highly influential businessman, sees Sivaji Foundation as competition to his own business empire. Using his political strings, he repeals the permits issued to the foundation by the government. Sivaji approaches a lawyer, using his own car to pay the lawyer's fee. However in court he is forced to admit he bribed numerous officials. This undermines his case and the judge reiterates the stay order on construction by the Sivaji Foundation. 

Product Features

  • Vivek
Product Details
Language Hindi
Theatrical Release Date January 1, 2007
Format DVD
DVD Regions All regions
Genre Action - adventures, drama
Censor Rating U (Universal)
Actor(s) Shreya Saran, suman, rajnikanth, vivek
Director(s) S. Shankar
No of Discs 1
Runtime 1 minute
Studio Video Palace
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 74 grams
Product Dimensions 172 cm x 138 cm x 156 cm

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Overall Rating 3.5 out of 5 stars
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     sivaji 24 November, 2013 On
    it is the best movie . the actor in this film is Rajani kant . he is collected the black money of the rich mans . i like it and . . . i love it . it so good film to see . i watched this movie at many times . the styles of the Sivaji is so good . very action in this movie .
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