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Skechers Women's Sports Shoe 12247-Black Silver

Skechers Women's Sports Shoe 12247-Black Silver

Brand Skechers
Size 4
Material synthetic
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Overview: Skechers Black Silver Shoes

Created to promote a fluid stride transition for regular walkers, the 'Skechers Women's Sports Shoe 12247-Black Silver' has been crafted by skilled experts. These shoes are specifically designed with a performance technology that makes them extraordinarily useful for running, walking or athletics. They have a beautifully designed outsole that helps your natural walking gait.

Furthermore, they have a high-rebound cushioning feature that helps you enhance your performance on the field. The round tip-shape with black and silver outer colours just adds to their appeal.

Chic and Sporty

Skechers shoes are light-weight and also wonderfully breathable, so that your feet never feel uncomfortable. They are very durable and among the most fashionable women's sports shoes you can find. Well, if you opt for these shoes you will never have to wear ugly sneakers again. Skechers are very chic and incredibly pretty along with being shoes that offer you a great grip.

In fact, they are so comfortable that women prefer to wear them to work on their informal days. Others wear them and then change into heels at their offices, so they can slip back into the comfort of these sport shoes, before they head back home for the day.

Fit for Several Occasions

Several times people opt for footwear that guarantees a great performance, especially when it comes to sports like football or basketball. If you're not really an athlete heading off to break world records, you might just need shoes that are the comfiest ones on the market. It would be ideal to opt for ones that you can also wear to a variety of occasions. Be it a casual stroll with your dog through the park, an early morning jog or even a trip to the super-market. Shopping till you drop will be all too easy with shoes that offer complete support and are easy to spend long hours in. They allow you to chase after your dog or race past the slow moving people on a crowded boulevard without twisting your ankle.

Whether you need to go rushing about buying Christmas presents or simply go on a hike with your friends, these shoes are perfect for every occasion.

Care Instructions

If you wish to maintain your sports shoes just like they were when you first purchased them you need to wipe them clean every time after use. This effectively prevents muck and dirt from being collected on the exterior or bottom of the shoes. Use a soft but clean cloth to wipe them and do remember to air them as well to ensure that they don't start to smell. These simple steps let you retain shoes that look like they're brand new and prevent you from having smelly feet. In the event that you do step into a puddle or get them dirty in some way, you can try lightly brushing them with a toothbrush and some detergent to get the grime off.

Product Details
Manufacturer Skechers
Brand Skechers
Model Number 12247-Black Silver
Colour Name Black silver
Size 4
Material synthetic

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