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Skechers Women's Sports Shoe 11725 -Black H.Pink

Skechers Women's Sports Shoe 11725 -Black H.Pink

Brand Skechers
Colour Black
Size 7
Material synthetic
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Overview: Skechers Black Shoes

Women are highly obsessed with how they look and this self obsession makes them think about whatever they wear. Not only their outfits but also their footwear plays a vital role in imparting the desired look to them. Footwear is worn according to the occasion where one is going. For instance, if one is on a casual trip with friends or involved in some activity related to sports, he would prefer to choose sporty shoes for himself. Sport shoes yield a very smart and sophisticated look to every girl. They are worn specially to give comfort to your feet if you are a sports girl or an athlete. Sports shoes are designed with the basic aim to take care of your soft feet. They are often seen in various designs and textures so that they appear to be more attractive and girlie.

About the product

Skechers Women's sports shoe is designed for all those sports women who have a strong desire to look up-to-date while they are a part of any sport. The shoes are very light weighted to keep your feet at ease and make it very simple for you to walk and run. A thick and grooved sole makes it more comfortable for you to run very fast without causing much pain to your feet. The colours selected for this pair of shoes is loved by every lady. A mixture of black and pink gives you sobriety. Pink is also regarded as a colour possessed by every girl, as it reflects femininity! Black colour favours the bold look. It also doesn't look overloaded with dirt or so because of its dark hues. The mesh pattern over the toe surface allows the passage of required amount of air and it also looks very smart when you get ready with these shoes covering your feet. The shoes would look awesome with a track suit or even jeans and t-shirts. They could be used for college-going purpose too, paired up with any suitable outfit. They impart class as well as they are known for their casual looks. Skechers shoes are a 'must have' in your wardrobe as they are available at such low price and offers you a variety of amazing qualities.

About the Manufacturer

These shoes are brought to the users by a well-recognised brand of sports shoes, Skechers. It is known for delivering the best quality of product to the customers at very reasonable price. They believe in two things basically. Firstly, how comfortable the shoes are. Secondly, how prominently they add to the style statement to women. These are the utmost requirements by every girl. Such major positive points available in just one product are difficult to get. The products supplied by this company would never disappoint the users rather make them extremely happy and induce high level of contentment in them.

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Product Details
Manufacturer Skechers
Brand Skechers
Model Number 11728 -Black HPink
Colour Black
Size 7
Material synthetic

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