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Skil Circular Saw 5300 7inch 1300w

Skil Circular Saw 5300 7inch 1300w

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Product Description

The Skil circular saw is definitely one of the most innovative tools. The saw works with a 1300W motor which is useful for heavy cutting works. Gone are the days when most of the time is spent by carpenters was wasted in cutting wood and ply wood. Now, with this revolutionary rotary motor, saw work is made easy and effortless time saving. Not just wood, but it can also be used to cut aluminium, acrylic, and other metals. The cutting is more precise and also more precise than ever. The Skil 5300 Circular Saw Suitable for Cutting ply wood, soft wood, hard wood, laminates, etc. The extra feature of bevel or angular cutting to make 0' to 45' angular cutting on the edges adds an extra contour effect. The applications of the saw can be to rip cut hard and soft ply woods. It is also for bevel cutting of various woods. Not only wood and metals, but also can be used to cut plastics and polymer sheets and also to create aluminium metal sections.


The powerful motor, high speed for high precision and lets rapid cutting to a depth of 62mm. The saw is convenient to carry around and portable enough to be connected anywhere. The cutting is precise, and with even higher safety standards, the saw is a wholesome package. It has a spindle lock and external carbon brush access. To keep your saw clean, the device comes with a dust chute too. There is wrench storage standard equipment. The saw comes fitted with a 184mm TCT blade. The blade wrench enables easier blade changing.


Power from the unit is 1,300 W. The no-load speed is about 5,000 r.p.m. The blade size is 184 mm = 7 1/4°. The standard depth of a cut is 90º, 62 mm and the bevel cut depth is 0-45º. The total weight of the device is 4.9 kg.


The device comes with a wrench, parallel guide attachment and a 7 inch TCT wood cut blade. One of the best investments you can make on a carpentry device would be the Skil circular blade saw.

Product Details
Manufacturer Skil
Brand Skil
Model Number 129202343

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  1.  sophesticated tool 10 March, 2014 On
    Skil circular saw is really an innovation in tools.This saw works 1300 w motor which is useful for heavy cutting works.In olden days most of the time is used by carpenters to cut wood and ply wood .Now with this rotary saw work is made easy and time saving.It can be used to cut aluminium ,acrylic,and other metals.Precise work can bedone by crafters.
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