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Skore Strawberry Condoms 3's

Skore Strawberry Condoms 3's

Colour Multicolour
Target Gender Female
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Overview: Skore Strawberry Condoms 3's

"... I believe strongly in condoms. They avert babies and disease. They make you seem responsible, not slutty. They make the girl relax too, because you're taking care of the risky part. Like you're a professional. Roll it on, squeeze the tip, turn back to her, ready, set go. Like I'd just done a little disappearing act on myself and became something confident and wonderful. You can't see through my latex disguise! You will love this so let's get down! You don't want to know how many times this worked in my favor.

God I feel like a fucking asshole sometimes. All the time, really."

? Carrie Mesrobian, Sex & Violence

Are you scared of unexpected pregnancy while being passionate with your partner? Is the fear of unsafe coitus stopping you from making love to your partner the way you would like to? If the answer to these questions is yes, then you need not look any further. Make your passionate moments memorable by using the Skore Strawberry Condom. These condoms are specially designed to make sure that you last long and both, you and your partner enjoy the love making sessions and oral sex sessions equally well. So what are you waiting for? Buy the Skore Strawberry Condom online now and get it delivered to your doorstep.

Why use a condom?

If you are not aware of the concept of condoms, then here it is. Condoms are contraceptives. Their main task is to prevent the semen from fertilizing the egg immediately after the act of intercourse. There are two types of condoms that you can find in the market. The first, and the lesser known and available type, is the female condom. This condom is used by women as a contraceptive. The second and the more common and available type of condom is the male condom. Now there are a number of reasons why one should wear a condom.

Condoms help one to prevent getting affected by sexually transmitted diseases. Sexually transmitted diseases are amongst the biggest causes of death across the world. The most dangerous of these viruses, also known as HIV, is responsible for the deadly disease called AIDS. AIDS is a very painful disease to suffer from. Condoms help in preventing this disease. However, you should refrain from using condoms made of lambskin. Lambskin condoms contain certain holes through which fluids might leak and viruses might pass through.

Condoms also help if you and your partner are not ready to become parents yet. If you use a condom it means that there is 98 % chance that you will not become unexpected parents at the wrong time.  Condoms are widely available. The usage of condoms is now being promoted to encourage safe sex. You can easily find it in pharmacies and convenience stores. However, it is advised that you use only the branded ones as they tend to be safer.

If you compare condoms to birth control pills or spermicidal solutions or sprays, you will be delighted to know that condoms have no side effects what so ever. A polyurethane condom is hypoallergenic and will protect your skin as well as your partners. You do not need to have any medications or prescriptions to use a condom. Usage of condoms does not mean that you are any less of a man. If anything, it only goes on to show how responsible a man you are. Using the Skore Ribbed Condom will also ensure that your as well as your partner's oral sexual pleasure will be heightened. Usage of condoms also does not need too much of a practice. All you need to do is follow the user manual and you are good to go. Also, unlike contraceptive pills, condoms does not cause the menstrual cycle of women to change. Another major benefit of using a condom is that, the chances of women suffering from HPV - the virus that causes Cervical Cancer will lessen.

Flavoured Condom

Flavoured Condom is a type of textured condom which can provide sensations of taste to both the partners. The flavored points have to be located either on the outer side. The usage of this condom means that the oral sexual experiences of the female partner will be heightened. The taste of strawberry provides further stimulation towards being passionate towards the activities.

About Skore Condoms

Skore Condom is a brand of condom that is made of natural rubber latex. Skore condoms are manufactured by TTK Protective Devices Limited (formerly TTK - LIG). Founded in 1928 by Mr. TT Krishnamachari, today Skore condoms are found across the countries and is recognized as one of the leading condom manufacturers in the country.

Key Highlights

Brand: Skore

Type: Strawberry flavoured

Target Gender: Male

Product Details
Manufacturer Skore
Brand Skore
Model Number CIL-19968
Colour Multicolour
Target Gender Female
Theme Condoms, Skore Strawberry Condoms 3's, Skore

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