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Skullcandy S2IKDZ003 Black headphones

Skullcandy S2IKDZ003 Black headphones

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Product Description

Skullcandy lets us experience the real essence of music by manufacturing products which are innovative as well as ergonomic. When you are out for a holiday or for work, the Phones, laptops mp3 players and iPods play the perfect the role of a companion. But these are useless without its accessories like the chargers and headphones. This pair of Skullcandy S2IKDZ003 Black headphones will provide you the best audio experience. It is an apt product for those who are fond of music and love to listen to the music while on the go. When you buy Skullcandy headphones online it comes to you carefully packed. With the brand name of Skullcandy, you are sure to get the best music experience ever.

Product Features

This pair of headphones are black in colour which complements all kinds of phones or any other device that requires headphones. The wires are decently long and soft, this feature prevents this pair of Skullcandy headphones from getting tangled. The two speakers have left and right marked on it so that you do not insert the wrong speaker which in turn can hurt your ears. The speakers are precisely made and tilted at angle to fit in your ears. These are in the ear headphones and sits comfortably in the ears. The small built in speakers and hybrid silicone ear buds provide quality sound which makes the music appealing. The holes of the speakers are structured in such a way that it amplifies every little beat and produces quality audibility. This headphone does not limit you to only listening to music. You can do many more things with the help of this pair of Skullcandy headphones. There is a speaker attached to the wire. It allows you to make calls. You can even receive calls while listening to music. It often happens that the phone is kept in the pockets and the earphones are plugged in. if this feature of making and receiving calls from the headphone itself was not available, you would have to take out the phone each time your phone rang. With the help of the button on the headphone, you just need to click the button and you will be able to talk to the person who is calling. Same is the case when you have to disconnect an ongoing call. Not only this you can adjust the volume of the music and even while having a conversation. You can even play and pause the music with just one click. The cool black colour will suit your classy personality, and is a perfect blend of style and utility. It is compact in design and can be folded to easily fit in your pocket or handbag.

Audio Quality

Skullcandy is a trusted brand for precise, clear and appealing sound and quality bass effects. You should go ahead and purchase this pair of headphones as it will make the music soothing to your ears and eventually the music will solve its purpose which is to release you from stress. You can easily listen to music for hours at a strech without straining your ears. The ear plugs are soft and will keep you comfortable for long hours. The plugs prevent the external noise and disturbances from being audible. This feature lets you enjoy uninterrupted and distortion free music for long hours. It will not hurt or create any kind of irritation even if you are using it all day long. Shop Skullcandy headphones online and enjoy quality music. This headphone comes with two extra pairs of plugs. Both the pairs are different in size. Therefore, you get three pairs in total, one that comes fixed with the speakers and two extra pairs in the box. This will help you to fit the earphones irrespective of the size of your ears. The silicone ear cushions are wisely placed to minimise distortion and block background noise. Hence, you get the experience of a distraction free and uninterrupted music service. This pair will not limit your usage and you can enjoy music while on the move when you are traveling, running or jogging. Shop Skullcandy headphones online for this headphone today and enjoy a stylish experience of listening to music.

Key Highlights

Silicone Ear Buds

Vertically Tilted Speakers

Supreme sound Quality

Product Details
Brand Skullcandy
Warranty 1 month Seller warranty

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