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Contributor(s) Akilan
Binding Paperback
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Overview: Snegidhi

The Sexual Life of Catherine M. is an erotic novel written by Catherine Millet. The novel was published in 2001 in the French language. This edition has been translated beautifully in the English language by Adriana Hunter and was published in 2002. The book garnered attention mostly due to the explicit content of the book. It was the subject of a mild controversy. This edition has been published by Goldmann Verlag.

About the Book

The book does not shy away from introducing the theme of sex from the get go. The book is Catherine's autobiography with regards to her wild sexual fantasies. Catherine has provided explicit detail of her sex life that has caught the attention of many critics. The narrative is titillating, dryly humorous and sometimes quite puzzling. In this book, Catherine talks about orgies that which were attended by more than one hundred people, and she would proceed to have sex with around a quarter of them. She also puts forward a debate in this book whether sex outdoors is better in rural or urban settings. She also reveals how she could never be a prostitute.

About the Author

The author, Catherine Millet was born on 1st April 1948 in Bois- Colombes, France. She is an art critic, curator and a writer. She founded the magazine Art Press. The magazine puts an emphasis on contemporary and modern art. Since the 1970s, Catherine has been in an open marriage with one man. She wrote and published a sequel to this book titled Jealousy: The Other Life of Catherine M. in 2008. The English language translated version of the book was released in 2009. The paperback edition of The Sexual Life of Catherine M. Contains 288 pages and is available for sale. To own this book, simply, shop online and it will be delivered to you at your doorstep once the order is placed.

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Publisher Tamil Puthagakalayam
Contributor(s) Akilan
Binding Paperback
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  1.  one book to learn principles of life 27 June, 2013 On
    In 1976 I had this book as a non-detail during my Indian school certicate examination.
    In retrospect, I congradualte the committee which had prescribed this book for the same. I would have read this book atleast 100 times and chapter wise I can recollect the scenes.
    I love the book not for the story content, but principles of life. One example. I am primary care paediatrician, finished my MD in 1990. I quote one charcter in this story in all my lectures to doctors and paramedical workers. The character I quote is swaminathan.
    He wants to rehabilitate commercial sex workers, but fails. Then he turns into a good person. his lover will not belive him. To convince her, the hero writes, people who make mistakes always change, and people who have never made mistakes commit them. Swaminathan wants to change, and I believe him. They get married.
    two lessons for all of us. To forgive and the same time remember any body can make mistakes.Secondly, In uncertain conditions Belief is the life line of our times.
    I will continue to read this book many more times.
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