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Social Problems In India

Social Problems In India

Language English
Contributor(s) Ram Ahuja
Binding Paperback
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Overview: Social Problems In India

Social Problems in India is mainly about the problems within the Indian society. The book is written by Ram Ahuja and was published in the year 2007 on the 1st of January in paperback edition by Rawat Publications. It was re-published in 2011 by the same publisher. Some of the other books by Ram Ahuja are Criminology, Society in India: Concepts, Indian Social System, Theories and Recent Trends. Quite a few of his books have been selected as textbooks for different universities and courses and even some training institutes. If you like to buy books online and are looking for a copy of this particular edition, you can compare offers from various leading online bookshops at

Ram Ahuja is not only a writer. He has also been a professor of Sociology and has taught in various institutions at the state level. Therefore, he is well versed in the social issues which have been plaguing India. The book, Social Problems in India by Ram Ahuja, deals with the common social issues which Indian people generally face. The book discusses and elaborates the problems and also argues that each and every society has some drawbacks. The writer is of the opinion that social issues occur due to various underlying problems and so, in order to eradicate these issues, it is important to resolve the problems first.

The book, Social Problems in India by Ram Ahuja, is divided into multiple chapters. The first chapter covers different ideas and approaches to social problems. The other chapters are each dedicated to discussions about different social issues like unemployment, poverty, caste system, communal violence, youth unrest, population explosion, crime and criminals, drug abuse, alcoholism, child abuse and child labour, juvenile delinquency, black money, violence against women, urbanization and terrorism. Additionally, this second edition of the book has more extensive data on child abuse, crime against women, crime against women and terrorism. It also has new sections dedicated to issues like those of Corruption, Bonded Labour and AIDS.

The page count for Social Problems in India is 520 pages. The ISBN-10 of the book is 8170334136 and the ISBN-13 for it is 9788170334132.
Product Details
Language English
Publication Date January 1, 1997
Publisher Rawat Publications
Contributor(s) Ram Ahuja
Binding Paperback
Edition 2
Page Count 520
ISBN 10 8170334136
ISBN 13 9788170334132
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