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Sofiya Crepe Patiala Churidhar Material

Sofiya Crepe Patiala Churidhar Material

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Overview: Sofiya Crepe Patiala Churidhar Material

Women in India have always played a central and key role in society. From Maa Kali to Mother India to Sushmita Sen, the Indian women are constantly evolving. They are the glue that holds the family together. They are the ones who have raised every generation and the ones that mould the future of this country. Across different regions and cultures of this diverse country, women have been the ultimate savior, the proverbial rock for their families, and the capping image of resilience. While the role of women remains unchanged throughout the length and breadth of this country, but what differentiates them is entirely their appearances and the grace and beauty they inspire within each of us. Here we have some of the most distinctly vibrant women of India that define and remain an apex for inspiration for design rich to cultural spirits.

The word churidar is from Hindi and made its way into English only in the 20th century. These churidar are also know as salwar kameez. Salwar kameez is comfortable. You need not to pull down your kameez to hide that bare back portion of yours. You need not to adjust your salwar every time you sit or stand, even when you sit on grounds, in temples etc. This is the greatness of traditional salwar suit. Get a silk salwar kameez or just an embroidered salwar suit made of any dress material, they'll make a great party wear. Indian women are too shy to adopt new styles of clothing. The rural women still wear traditional Indian sarees as their clothing and hesitate to wear any western wear though they long to wear them. However, this originally salwar kameez has been received by them warm heartedly just because it suits the figure of any women. As compared to other Indian clothing like sarees and lehengas, salwar kameez is easy in handling. You don't have to starch them every time after washing like you do in case of cotton. Neither do you have to take extra precautions for storing them like lehengas. Most of them do not need to be dry cleaned either except when made of delicate textile like a Georgette salwar kameez or a chiffon or crepe salwar kameez.

Here comes Sofiya Crepe Patiala Churidhar Material which is is a fine crepe churidhar material with 3 meters bottom and it is suitable for patiala pant. Sofiya Crepe Patiala Churidhar Material is a silk fabric of a gauzy texture, having a peculiar crisp or crimpy appearance. Crepe materials are of two distinct varieties of the textile which are soft, canton or oriental crape and hard or crisped crape. The wavy appearance of canton crape results from the peculiar manner in which the weft is prepared where the yarns from two bobbins are twisted together in the reverse way. The fabric when woven it becomes smooth and even with no crepe appearance but when the gum is subsequently extracted by boiling it at once it becomes soft and the weft will lose its twist and gives the fabric the waved structure which constitutes its distinguishing feature.

The bottom material has printed design all over and it's a latest design which is worn all over India. Top material is plain in color and there is no design such as given in the pictures.  This churidhar material is so soft, durable and comfortable to wear.  Top is 2.3 meters and bottom is 3 meters. You can stitch patiala pant with this material set. Patiala pants are beautifully tailored with chic pleats which will enhance your ethnic look when paired with a short kurti. Slip into a pair of stilettos and step out in style in this pair of patiala pants. Sofiya Crepe Patiala Churidhar Material is a great crepe material which gives style and comfort for your ethnic wear. Just place your order today by logging into and get the Indian style of Sofiya Crepe Patiala Churidhar Material and give yourself an ethnic look.

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