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Sogo BAR-SS1215 Electric Barbecue Table Grill(Black)

Sogo BAR-SS1215 Electric Barbecue Table Grill(Black)

Brand Sogo
Model Number SS-1215
Colour Black
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Overview: Sogo BAR-SS1215 Electric Barbecue Table Grill(Black)

On a weekend, it is always a fun way to celebrate with some friends, families and good food. When you talk about food, barbecued food is on the top of the list. It is delicious to eat, easy to cook, and fun way to spend an evening. But today, doing it traditionally is recommendable only if you are going in the woods or some far off places. What if you want to have a barbecue session at home with your near and dear ones? The solution to this is an electric barbecue table, and the best choice would be Sogo BAR-SS1215 Electric Barbecue Table Grill. You can cook meat, fish, vegetables, anything. It is so much fun having it home because you can call your friends anytime to party.

The Sogo BAR-SS1215 Electric Barbecue Table Grill has a wide cooking area where you can barbecue or grill four to five meat, fish or vegetables rows at a time. Since it is wide enough, it spreads out enough heat to all the food and gets it all cooked evenly. So, anyway, it does not take much time in cooking, and even in that short period also you are going to enjoy the process while you and your friends entertain each other. The electric barbecue table features the Power Heating Element that provides even heating for all the foods that are being barbecued. It thus offers an easy and comfortable cooking. You do not have to check each and every piece if it is cooked or not. The barbecue grill table also comes with a detachable Electronic thermostat that has variable temperature control function. You can regulate the temperature as per your wish or the requirement of the food. It gives you the liberty to cook faster and tastier. It also has a LED power light that indicates if it is properly functioning or not. The barbecue plate has a non sticky layer of Dupont Teflon non-stick coating, and thus your food does not get wasted, or it does not get burnt just like that. You do not even have to clean the plate every time you finish cooking one batch. So, the non-sticky coating gives you convenience and comfort while cooking and enjoying the evening with your friends and families.

The non-sticky barbecue table has a compact size, and even its cable is removable. So, it is easy for you to carry the appliance anywhere, whether it is at your friend's place or in your backyard; you just need an electric socket. The durability of this appliance is quite high and with its nickel chrome resistors it is heat resistant. The safety thermostat prevents the food from overheating. So have this easy-to-clean barbecue table, you can shop online and get it delivered at your doorstep. Enjoy your weekends!

Features: Sogo BAR-SS1215 Electric Barbecue Table Grill(Black)

  • Large cooking area(27x27 cm)/Teflon base with nonstick surfaces for quick and easy cleaning.
  • Potentiometer removable cable, temperature selector for different types of food.
  • Nickel chrome resistors.
  • Safety thermostat against overheating
  • Ideal for use as a berbecue, raclette set, Dosa Pan or Japanese Teppanyaki hotplate
Product Details
Manufacturer Sogo
Manufacturer Part Number BAR-SS-1215
Brand Sogo
Model Number SS-1215
Colour Black
Wattage 1,800 Watts
Item Package Quantity 1
Warranty 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Technical Specification
Power Source Electric
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 4 kg
Product Dimensions 29.7 cm x 39 cm x 12.1 cm

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