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Solar-Powered iOS/Android Smartphone Controlled 16 million Colors Music/Shake Changing Colors Car Under seat Light Kit - Universal
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Solar-Powered iOS/Android Smartphone Controlled 16 million Colors Music/Shake Changing Colors Car Under seat Light Kit - Universal

Compatible Devices All types of 4-Wheelers
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Product Description

Isn't it frustrating to find a dropped item on the car floor in the dark? Most of us grope around in the dark when we drop something on the car floor. It is frustrating to grope around in the dark and hunt for items that you may have dropped in the car. There are several car accessories that are available in the market that can help you make your car more functional. These accessories are readily available in the market in stores that specialises in car accessories. You can also shop for them on online shopping websites. The advantage of shopping on online websites is that you can browse through a wide range of products and accessories from a huge range of brands at just one place. Also you can pick the product of your choice based on your budget and preferences. If you are looking for a product that helps you solve the problem of groping for dropped items on the car floor, check out the 16 Colour RC Car Under Seat Light Kit with Remote Control.

Now you do not have to grope in the dark when something falls under your car seat. You can easily find fallen things in your car by installing the 16 colour RC Car under seat light kit with remote control. This kit consists of a colour changing bulb, which allows you to make your car look more attractive and well lit. You can easily change the colour of the light emitted using the remote control provided. You have the option of choosing from 16 different colours from the several buttons provided on the remote control. All you need to do is press a button of the colour corresponding to the light you want and your car will glow in that colour. You can use this device in any kind of car. From a hatchback to a sedan to an SUV, this device can easily be installed in any car without much effort. You can install this kit yourself. All you need to do is run the wire on the floor of your car and it wouldn't take you as much as an hour to install this kit. You can also install them under your front seats or behind the back seat for a personal touch. The bulbs used in this kit are 2.5 LED lamps. The wires that connect with the bulbs have been given an Epoxy coating which makes them waterproof. This kit features a solder free design which makes it safe and efficient. There are a total of 24 LED lights in this kit. You can fix this kit in your car with the help of adhesive tapes.

About the Manufacturer

This product is brought to you by Colour Magic, which specialises in coloured lights.

This product can now be bought on at an affordable price. All you need to do is search for the product on the search bar on the website and find your product. Next place and order online and the product will be delivered at your doorstep.

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Product Features

  • iOS/Android Smartphone/Tablet PC to pick among 16 Million Colors, Dancing Lights according to Music beats, Changing Colors with Shaking your device; Install app "BLEDiM" on Play Store from App Store. Android 4.0+
  • Dual Power (Solar [Less Bright] + Electric[Full Bright])
  • We offer a Conditional Warranty for 10 days. The condition is that the product must be used under the recommended specifications such as DC 12V and 1A Current. Place order only after confirming your power source is matching with this specifications
  • 36 LEDs total in the kit each 18 LM bright delivering high intense color lights.
  • After-Sales Support Guranteed; In the Kit : 4X Sleeved Waterproof LED Strip + 4X 2 meter Extension Cables + 1X iOS/Android Controller + 1X Solar Panel + 1X Cigarette Lighter Plug
Product Details
Manufacturer TOPLE
Brand Magic Color
Model Number 24SMD50-RC
Colour Name 16 Colors
Technical Specification
Special Features •16 Color Car Under seat Light Kit can be installed hidden., •Conveniently placed IR Receiver for easy control for changing among colors with remote controller, •Create a mood-changing ambience with different color lights, •The handy remote controller with button cell battery inside and has a coverage from up to 10 feet., •impact proof quality
Compatible Devices All types of 4-Wheelers
Power Source dc

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