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The Solar System

The Solar System

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Language English
Contributor(s) Harper
Binding Hardcover
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Overview: The Solar System

The Solar System is essentially an arrangement with the Sun ruling over the many planets that keep orbiting it continually. Some of the planets in turn have moons that go around them. The astral bodies that keep directly orbiting the Sun consist of eight major planets, and the remainder is considerably smaller objects, like the dwarf planets as well as SSSBs or Solar System bodies in the form of asteroids and comets.

It was around 4.6 billion years ago that the Solar System came into being, due to the gravitational collapse of a massive molecular cloud. A considerable portion of the mass of the solar system remains in the Sun, with most of the remaining mass gone to make up Jupiter. Then there are the inner planets such as Mercury, Venus, Earth as well as Mars; these smaller planets are also known as terrestrial planets, are and composed primarily of metal and rock. The outer planets, also termed gas giants, are significantly more massive than the inner planets. Saturn and Jupiter are the largest of them, composed primarily of helium and hydrogen. Then come Uranus as also Neptune, known as the outermost planets, composed mainly of substances with high melting points named ices, like water, methane and ammonia. Thus, they are referred to separately as ice giants. All these planets are subject to near circular orbits, lying within an almost flat disc named the ecliptic plane.

The Solar System contains certain regions that are filled with much smaller objects:the asteroid belt. This region is situated between Jupiter and Mars, and contains bodies composed, of metal and rock as in the inner terrestrial planets. Beyond the orbit of Neptune there lies the Kuiper belt that contains bodies known as the dwarf planets such as Pluto and Eris.

Apart from the two regions, there are several other small-object populations, such as centaurs, comets, as also interplanetary dust. Six planets, three dwarf planets, and some smaller objects have "moons" that are natural satellites orbiting them, named after the Earth's Moon. Then there are the beautiful planetary rings composed of dust and small objects that surround the outer planets.

The Solar System is unique in the sense that it has a planet with life on it and this planet our Mother Earth supports and shelters us.

Other best sellers from the author include Wonderment. You can shop online for this book by Nigel Hey with the ISBN-10 number of 1841882607 and ISBN-13 number of 978-1841882604.

Features: The Solar System

  • Juvenile Fiction
Product Details
Language English
Publication Date January 1, 2012
Publisher UK Children's
Contributor(s) Harper
Binding Hardcover
ISBN 10 0007892365
ISBN 13 9780007892365
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 11.1 cm x 0.8 cm x 18.4 cm
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