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OEM Solo Wired Headphones (White) [Electronics]

OEM Solo Wired Headphones (White) [Electronics]

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Product Description

Music is something that connects people irrespective of their race and nationality. The desire to listen to good music with the best sound quality is a common feeling among majority of the people. If you are a lover of good music, then you will surely understand the significance of high quality equipment for playing the music. Without the desired quality of sound, music loses its soul. Do you want to refresh your mind with your favourite music? Does the quality of sound matter to you when it comes to listening to your favourite numbers? Are you tired of the substandard headphones and earphones that are available in the market? If your answers to these questions are in affirmation, then buy Beats by Dr Dre Solo wired headphones without further delay. Using e-commerce for purchasing a device has additional benefits for you. You can place an order for the headphone from your home, office or college, and get the product delivered to your preferred address within a few days. Besides, there are flexible payment options. Product exchange and return are also conveniently facilitated in the e-commerce industry. In other words, you not only get a good quality headphone, but you get it without much ado.

Style and make of Beats by Dr Dre Solo Headphone:

Solo headphones have been designed by Beats to offer complete comfort to you so that you do not have to stop listening to your favourite artiste just because of aching ears. The design of the headphone is stylish as well as precise. The pair of speakers of the Beats Solo white headphone has been designed with accurate measurement so that they fit onto the ears of users perfectly. The internal sides of the speakers are lined with cushion that does not let you feel the device on your ear. The head support of the headphone has been designed in such a way that the speakers firmly hold onto your ears. The press caused due to the special design of the headphone does not allow the external sound to mix with the number that you play. However, the high quality cushion ensures that your ears do not hurt due to the pressure. The firm hold of the speakers on your ears plays a significant role in the quality of the sound that you hear.

The fibre material used for making the head support and majority of the skeletal structure of the headphone is fine and of high quality. There are hinges on both sides of the head support just above the pair of speakers. The hinges allow the speakers to be folded inwards and packed into the case that is made for the headphone. It also protects the soft cushion of the speakers from getting worn or torn. The design of the headphone is not just streamlined for the purpose but also very sturdy. The design engineers have done a good job for Beats in making the headphone streamlined and foldable yet strong. There are 'b' symbols on the outer surface of the speakers. It adds to the style quotient of the headphone.

Speciality of Beats by Dr Dre Solo Headphone:

High quality sound is the most remarkable speciality of the Beats Solo white headphones. What is noteworthy is the ability of its speakers to play various kinds of sound with the same level of quality. From tranquil music to rocking, the headphone can play all kinds of sound in the best of quality that you expect to hear. The extendable or retractable head support allows you to adjust the position of the speaker according to your requirement. The headphone makes you feel that you are listening to the music live from your favourite artiste. If you are a lover of cinema, then you will be able to watch movies of various genre with high quality sound. Every dialogue will be clear and you will be able to enjoy the theatre like experience on your PC.

Convenience is another significant advantage that Beats Solo headphone offers. Once plugged, the Remote Talk cable gives to you the power to change tracks without reaching out for the device. The cables are available in matching white colour.

Maintenance and Care Tips for Beats by Dr Dre Solo Headphone:

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind in order to maintain the headphones belonging like new for long. Headphones should never be removed by pulling the cable. You should always firmly hold the plug in order to remove. Wrapping around the headphone is a common mistake that most of the users make. However, you should avoid the practice as it can damage it. Also, make sure to clean the headphones periodically. The correct and safe way of cleaning the headphones is mentioned in the user manual provided with the product. If you do not clean the headphone, the sound may get reduced or unbalanced. In the worst case, there may not be sound at all. Apart from that, there is no expensive measure that you have carry out in order to maintain your headphone as new. So shop online Beats by Dr Dre Solo wired white headphone without delay today.

About Beats by Dr Dre:

Beats by Dr Dre is an electronics company of Apple, Inc. It is based in Culver City, California and was founded in 2008. Its products are supplied throughout the world. The Solo wired headphone brand is one of the most popular range of products ever launched by Beats.

Key Highlights:

Streamlined design

Cushioned speakers

Adjustable Head Support

Remote Talk Cable

Product Details
Brand Beats By Dr.Dre

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