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Solomon Mini/921 Mosquito TRAP-Green

Solomon Mini/921 Mosquito TRAP-Green

Brand Solomon
Colour Green
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Overview: Solomon Mini/921 Mosquito Trap-green

If some devilish mosquitoes are posing a huge threat for you and your child, bring home the Solomon Mosquito Trap Mini. It is an eco-friendly option that you can buy to make your house mosquito-free. This electronic mosquito trap uses a UV photo-catalyst system which is safer and economical as compared to the oft-used mats, oils, fumes, smokes and electronic repellents. It has a mosquito luring light, which works really well to trap and kill those flying devils. The electronic mosquito trap has a funnel-shaped body top, which produces mini tornadoes to suck the lurking mosquitoes in and send them spiralling into the bottom case. This mosquito trap also has an anti-escape device affixed to the bottom case, which ensures that the mosquitoes will remain trapped, even when the power is off. If you want a mosquito-free home, then simply search for the product and shop online.

Killing them softly

It also has a mosquito luring light which attracts the mosquitoes towards it and with the help of the mini tornadoes sends them to the bottom case. It is here that the mosquitoes get trapped, and slowly die of dehydration and suffocation.

Camouflaging feature to lure the mosquitoes

The funnel contains titanium dioxide, which on coming in contact with UV rays and heat releases carbon dioxide, which has a smell like the human body. This camouflaging feature of this mosquito trap lures the mosquitoes toward the device, eventually trapping and killing them.

Very easy to handle

This killing machine is also very convenient and user-friendly. It has an easy-to-hold handle and an on-off switch, which makes the usage of this mosquito trap all the more easy.

Environment-friendly and trendy

This mosquito trap is painted with eco-friendly colours that suit your interiors perfectly. A very high grade ABS plastic has been used to make it all the more environment-friendly.

Features: Solomon Mini/921 Mosquito Trap-green

  • UV Photo- catalysis product
  • M Trap a UV Photo- catalysis product produced by the mosquito-luring light
  • It uses Funnel design and forms a tornado wind, once the mosquitoes approach near the device, they are immediately absorbed inside.
  • Anti-escape device. It is used below the fan and so the mosquitoes can't fly out even though the power is shut off
  • Handle & Switch:convenient and safe.The plastic material is high grade ABS, (environmental friendly) The colour is eco friendly
Product Details
Manufacturer SOLOMON BIO-PHARMA & Research
Brand Solomon
Model Number Mini/921
Colour Green
Item Package Quantity 1
Warranty 1 year
Technical Specification
Power Source Corded Electric
Power Adapter Included Yes
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 185 cm x 185 cm x 185 cm

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  1.  m-Trap 2 September, 2012 On
    excellent product we buyed it directly from company m/s solomon bio pharma.
    its very useful and easy to operate .
    online availability saved our time .
    thanks for introducing it for INDIAN customers.
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