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Solomon Mosquito Trap Mini-Green

Solomon Mosquito Trap Mini-Green

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Overview: Solomon Mosquito Trap Mini-green

You don't have to shoo away the buzzing and flying insects that invade your home anymore. With the Solomon Mosquito Trap Mini, a UV Photo- catalysis product, you are assured that the mosquitoes that are likely to bite you are lured and captured into an anti-escape device. It emanates carbon dioxide, which resembles the smell of the human body, and that attracts the mosquitoes. It is made of high grade ABS and is available in a funnel design. It forms a tornado wind that draws the mosquitoes inside. This "M-Trap" Mini can capture mosquitoes in bright light, indoors and in the dark outdoors as well. It does this by using a tripartite system that is, HEAT and UV LIGHT, which is produced from the fluorescent lamps installed inside, and CO2. The strong suction from the fan sucks the mosquitos and captures them in the lower compartment. The net surrounding this compartment ensures that they do not escape and eventually die due to dehydration or suffocation.

Revolutionary Mosquito Control System

You can now eliminate mosquitoes, biting flies, and other biting insects without using any harmful sprays and foggers. Since these flying insects pose serious health risks, there is a growing need to tackle their menace. This Solomon Mosquito Trap Mini is an environmentally friendly means to kill mosquitoes. It does not require any refill or dangerous chemicals. is a renowned healthcare and lifestyle shopping portal, it now offers the country's largest range of innovative health care products across categories, under the brand "SOLOMON." Their mosquito menace solutions are widely used. This eco-friendly mosquito trap features an easy-to-hold handle and an on-off switch for added convenience. Its titanium dioxide coating is long lasting and tackles the effects of extensive wear and tear. Shop online at Junglee for mosquito traps that can decoy and capture mosquitoes in the bright indoors and in the dark outdoors as well.

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