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Sony 1-826-966-21 2-Way LCD TV Speaker Bar Module

Sony 1-826-966-21 2-Way LCD TV Speaker Bar Module

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Product Description

Sony, a renowned brand company known for its quality products launches new products in various industry fields. Sony is famous for its products in various category fields of electronics field. These can cell phones, television, LCDs, LEDs, Laptops and much more. Along with main electronics item, Sony also manufactures supporting items such as speakers or monitors. The main consideration of this company while manufacturing products is that they make a self-contained device that can be compatible alone or in combination with other devices.

Along with various devices launched in days, months and years, the quality factor got strengthened with time. Cost effective products with good quality are definitely worth buying for the consumer. LCD TV speakers are becoming a trend in this modern era. Along with the purchase of the LCD TV, the second most important thing that comes to mind is to buy speakers for your new product. It's better to go for quality when it comes to buying of electronic product. Although the cost factor also matters, but there can be some products with high on quality rather than on cost.

Now-a-days, many companies are available with various products launched the day or after, it becomes very difficult for the buyer to choose the best. Many factors can help to choose the apt product. These include the excellence, cost and add on features. One can buy products by believing on store managers which in some cases can give false advises or can compare themselves on various internet pages or shopping websites. The things self decided gives you less chances to regret in future while the one buying due to some influence can make you feel regretted for a long span in future. Self buying is best buying.

Two Way LCD TV Speakers bar Module launched by Sony is no less than a quality product itself. This self-contained product comes with an option to run for various LCD TVs with variation in size. From 32" to 55" LCD TVs, this device is compatible with any of these sized products.

Designed to stand in vertical manner with speakers in left and right direction, this two way product with three speaker bar module can also be used as horizontally mounted center channel speaker bar. With its alignment, the speaker can work in both directions which make the usage more convenient. Compatibility with flat panel LCD TVs can be established. The ABS enclosure of the product is considered durable for usage. Along with the durability, this product is also resistant to heat and shock which can increase its life span in most cases.

To make the sound experience much smoother and better, the 1" paper dome tweeter is coupled into two 1" x 3-1/2"oval paper cone midwoofers with rubber sound in order to apply dispersion characteristics. Low frequency responses can also be achieved. With all drivers loaded into slim dual ported enclosures, the frequency when tuned to 130 Hz gives a low frequency response. With it's positioning above or below LCD TVs, these speaker when mounted vertically or even horizontally gives unique sound experience.

With an input rating requirement of 8 ohm, this is a perfect example of low inputs to high outputs when it comes to performance. The product is also water resistant which increases its durability to a further extension. The sound variation differs with large value limits. On one side, the speaker module can feature sound in as low as 120 Hz while on the speakers can play up to as high as 16, 000 Hz. With so much variation and quality factor intact, this product is no less than a stand-alone speaker with an ultimate industrial look. This makes the product apt even for art installations.

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