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Sony PlayStation 4 Camera

Sony PlayStation 4 Camera

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Overview: Sony PlayStation 4 Camera

A technologically advanced addition to any PlayStation 4, this Sony PlayStation 4 camera makes your gaming experience more interactive and enjoyable. The voice and motion input, as well as face recognition feature offers fun moment with your friends and family.

A Sleek Design

The PS4 camera is really compact and will sit on top of your gaming console or TV without consuming any extra space. With a length of 186mm and sides of just 27mm, this camera in black will easily stay concealed be it any place you keep. It doesn't matter if your TV stand is very short or tall, this camera is adjustable to look up or down to a certain extent making it suitable to cover you and the room in which you are playing clearly. You can see two camera lenses on the front of this rectangular designed accessory that never miss any of your movements.

Hands-Free Features

This gaming accessory has high quality camera lenses that detects your face easily. Once set-up it automatically recognizes you the next time. The face recognition augments yourself into the games and also allows to integrate a picture-in-picture video of your face while you boast your excellent gaming skills online through your gameplay broadcasts. The video recoding also adds more fun to online multi-player gaming by letting your opponent have a full-on interaction while playing.

Player Tracking

The 3D depth-sensing technology featured in this camera follows the light bar in the DualShock 4 wireless controller and tracks the exact location of the player in the room. The location tracking ensures every gesture you make are easily detected by the camera which further helps in performing better motion controls.

Voice Commands & Voice Chatting

The camera features a powerful microphone that is sensitive to your voice and you can perform many useful functions with voice commands. You can give commands for starting an application, logging-in, taking screenshot and other useful functions without the press of a button. The voice chatting is useful while performing a team task in a game with one of your friends online. You can warn him/her of any obstacles or just instruct a master strategy to accomplish a mission easily.

Games to Try

The PlayStation 4 comes pre-loaded with the augmented reality game The Playroom that is playable only with this camera available. The Playroom includes various mini-games that are sure to make your room more lively. You can view cute tiny robots all around your living room that can be interacted with the DualShock 4 wireless controller or you can just toss the robots around by kick or punching them. There are also other games like Just Dance 2014 that will be fun to play with this Sony PlayStation 4 camera on-board.

This camera is a must have for all PlayStation 4 fanatics, as well as for new buyers who would like to extend the entertainment value of the world famous gaming console. Think about the possibility of turning off your PS4 by a simple voice command without the need to get up from your couch after an action-packed gaming session.

Features: Sony PlayStation 4 Camera

  • Bar shape that rests on TV
  • Works with PlayStation Move
  • Capture 85 degrees of activity
  • Tracks movement and syncs with what's going on onscreen.
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 24.5 cm x 4.4 cm x 9.6 cm

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